Planet Based Foods Global Inc., a San Diego-based sustainable food startup pioneering clean, nutrient-dense, plant-based meat alternatives, is pleased to debut its newly launched e-commerce platform that features a selection of Planet Based Foods' popular vegan options for purchase.

Powerfully formulated using superfood hemp as the primary ingredient, the wide range of innovative products now listed online include The Original Burger, the Green Chili Southwest Burger, Breakfast Sausage Patties Hot and Mild, The Original Crumble, The Italian Sausage Crumble, and the Variety Pack. Units can be purchased through the Planet Based Foods website for $19.00 each plus $10.00 shipping, and will be available nationwide.

"We are excited to announce the launch of our new e-commerce platform, which allows our diverse portfolio of healthy plant-based food products to be more accessible to customers than ever before," said Planet Based Foods' President and CEO Braelyn Davis. "E-commerce is an invaluable tool for our business to help drive brand awareness and sales, engage new and existing consumers and share our company story to a larger online audience as we continue to grow the Planet Based Foods community, and continue to deliver value to our shareholders."

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Source: Plant Based Foods