Holy Grail Steak Co. has announced the launch of Holy Grail Subscriptions, which allows customers to choose a recurring delivery every one, two, or three months of their favorite steak flights, including the luxurious A5 Wagyu Pinnacle Flight. Choosing the subscription-based option also gives subscribers the best price possible with as much as 15% off of each flight. 

"Nowadays, subscriptions are an integral part of people's lives," says Michael Coggins, cofounder of Holy Grail Steak Co. "Offering this option will provide a much smoother, more convenient purchasing experience for our loyal customers and in that process, we're excited to reward them with a discount. These also serve as great, hassle-free gifts for the steak-lovers in your life."

While customers will still have the option to buy a single steak flight, Holy Grail Subscriptions help make buying steaks regularly a seamless process. With no contracts or obligations, subscribers can modify or cancel subscriptions anytime. Each flight offered on the subscription level boasts a value of $399 or more and features some of the world's rarest steaks including Maezawa Beef from Ogata Farms, Sendai Beef, and Kobe Beef. 

The full selection of flights offered through Holy Grail Subscriptions starts at $200.25 and can be found at Holygrailsteak.com/pages/copy-of-subscription-offerings.

Source: Holy Grail Steak Co.