Profol Americas has received the Silver Award for Technical Innovation for its SBB Synthetic Bacon Board. The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) presented the award on March 29, 2023, at their annual meeting.

Profol’s patent pending SBB Synthetic Bacon Board is a multi-layer coextruded cast polypropylene film, and its proprietary composition is a technical innovation that achieves a balance of stiffness and density. Profol’s formulation allows material separation in traditional water sink float separation methods used in the recycling of polypropylene.

In addition, SBB Synthetic Bacon Board is a sustainable L-board alternative to traditional wax-impregnated board. The film is moisture- and grease-resistant, which leads to higher print vibrancy. Also, it can withstand high pressure processing (HPP), a high-pressure water sterilization process that is particularly important to non-pork bacon processors.

Profol worked with Beidel Printing in Shippensburg, Pa., to convert the film into printable packaging. Offering synthetic bacon board to customers has been an advantage to Beidel, as they and nationwide converters are seeing heightened brand interest in utilizing sustainable packaging materials.    

Along with enhanced technical features, FPA’s judging committee commented that Profol’s bacon board was “unique versus the waxed paper that one usually sees when purchasing bacon in the grocery store. Profol has done a great job of taking a traditionally paper-based product and turning it into a plastic-based product made of coextruded polypropylene which is recyclable in the polypropylene stream ...”

“We are extremely proud to have received FPA’s technical innovation award. Our engineering team has worked diligently to ensure that SBB Synthetic Bacon Board provides a solution for both environmentally conscious packaging and high printing and processing performance,” states Profol President/CEO Mike Zimmer.

Source: Profol