Over the last decade, Lobster Subs at Quiznos have become one of the restaurants’ seasonal favorites, eagerly anticipated by guests year after year. This year’s wait is over, and guests can now satisfy their lobster cravings once again at Quiznos.

Due to popular demand, Quiznos is bringing back this pair of menu offerings with a new variation that puts a twist on the beloved favorite — the Lemon-Herb Lobster Sub — alongside the Classic Lobster Sub. Both recipe variations are made with a lobster and seafood salad made with North Atlantic Lobster and Alaskan whitefish from King & Prince Seafood, a provider of sustainable seafood. The Classic Lobster Sub is made with shredded lettuce on butter-toasted sesame bread while the Lemon-Herb Lobster Sub is topped with lemon-herb dressing, lettuce and tomato on butter-toasted sesame bread.

“Bringing our Lobster Subs back with crave-able, high-end recipes is a testament to our priority of meeting the cravings of our consumers,” said Mike Gieseman, vice president of culinary and innovation for REGO Restaurant Group. “Whether it be our everyday menu items or our anticipated seasonal offers, our recipes are always crafted with our high standards in mind to ensure our guests get the best meal during every visit. These menu offerings keep coming back for a reason, so don’t hesitate to find a new personal favorite with the well-loved Lobster Subs.”

The Lemon-Herb Lobster Sub and Classic Lobster Sub are available May 9 at participating Quiznos’ Canada restaurants, starting around $10 while supplies last.

Source: Quiznos