IFCO, a provider of reusable packaging containers, launches Marina, a smart reusable IFCO Fish Crate. Designed in close collaboration with the fishing industry, Marina brings a high level of protection, efficiency and sustainability to the fresh fish and seafood supply chain. Featuring track-and-trace Bluetooth Low Energy tags and QR codes, the Marina Fish Crate enables real-time data collection, improving the cold chain management of fresh and chilled products along the entire fish and seafood supply chain, from ship to all points of sale.

IFCO launches Marina, the digitally enabled reusable fish crateDesigned in close collaboration with key stakeholders in the fishing industry and retailing, Marina features track-and-trace Bluetooth Low Energy tags and QR codes for real-time data collection and analysis. Courtesy of IFCO.

Single-use expanded polystyrene boxes can break down into microplastic pollution and contaminate the marine food chain and human health, so governments around the world are increasingly tightening regulations and introducing expanded polystyrene bans. As a result, many producers, wholesalers and retailers in the fishing industry have made eliminating expanded polystyrene boxes and switching to sustainable packaging a priority. The IFCO SmartCycle pooling system ensures the switch to Marina is simple, seamless and sustainable.

Sustainable packaging for fish and seafood supply chain

To secure long-term higher logistics efficiency and sustainability gains for the fishing industry, wholesalers and retailers, Marina is available exclusively through the IFCO SmartCycle circular pooling system. This means that the IFCO Fish Crates are efficiently reused up to 120 times, and that the empty crates are easily returned, reused and, once they can no longer be used, sustainably recycled. Crucially, IFCO ensures that the reusable fish crates are washed according to international standards of food safety and hygiene and efficiently pooled for sharing and reuse. As required in the fishing industry, IFCO ensures a response time and delivery within 24 hours.

Designed for automated logistics and the fishing industry

Nestable when empty, securely stackable when full, the Marina Fish Crate saves space on ships and on shore, cutting carbon emissions in transport and improving handling conditions. Its uniform dimensions are compatible with existing supply chains, automated logistics systems and the IFCO Plastic Pallet Dora.

Francesca Amadei, vice president Southern Europe at IFCO, said, "Marina is the result of intense collaboration across the fishing industry. We've taken on board the unique demands of every step of the fresh fish and seafood supply chain in our R&D efforts. I'm excited that we've succeeded in developing a smarter, more protective and sustainable fish crate for the Mediterranean cross-border market."

Protection features

  • Double-wall isothermal construction for superior insulation at controlled temperatures, keeping products fresh for longer.
  • Tight-fitting lid, interlocking surfaces and easy-to-use strapping system ensure secure packing and stacking for transportation.
  • Track-and-trace Bluetooth Low Energy tags enable real-time data collection and analysis.
  • Smooth surfaces offer increased protection from damage and spoilage, cutting down on food loss and waste.
  • All-around sustainable packaging solution — robust, reusable, 100% recyclable — replaces single-use expanded polystyrene boxes that can easily break down and pollute the marine environment.

Circular model for reusable, 100% recyclable fish crate

The Marina Fish Crate offers a sustainable and efficient complete packaging solution. Like all IFCO Reusable Packaging Containers Marina uses fewer natural resources throughout its life cycle compared to single-use packaging. And, unlike conventional fish boxes made from expanded polystyrene that are typically sent to landfills or end up as marine pollution, Marina is 100% recycled at the end of a long service-life into new products.

Inigo Canalejo, vice president ESG and strategic marketing at IFCO, said, "We see it as our responsibility to improve the environmental sustainability of every category of the fresh grocery supply chain. Our Marina Fish Crate is a smart, innovative packaging solution that will have a lasting positive impact on the fresh fish and seafood supply chain. We're proud to have designed a sustainable and more efficient alternative to harmful expanded polystyrene containers."

Source: IFCO