SEMINOLE, Okla. – Mexico-based Sigma Alimentos has opened its first U.S. meat processing plant in Seminole, Okla. on Wednesday. It will eventually employ 400 people and produce 400,000 pounds of hot dogs and ham.

The Associated Press reported that the 129,000-square-foot plant cost $60 million to build.

Sigma is Mexico's largest refrigerated food producer, according to the news service. The company markets its cold cuts, cheese, yogurt and other prepared food items in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and the U.S.

The AP said the company has applied to join the Oklahoma Commerce Department's Quality Jobs program, which offers financial incentives in the form of payroll rebates to companies that hire a set number of people over a specified time frame.

Seminole, 60 miles east of Oklahoma City, lost about 700 jobs a few years ago when a Wrangler plant shut down, Jack Mattingly, chairman of the Seminole Economic Development Council, told the AP.

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