The New Mexico Environment Department has ordered three businesses to shut down for two weeks. One of them is a Stampede Meat facility in Sundland Park, located in Southern New Mexico.

According to the Department: “The current public health order mandates certain establishments close for two weeks if they have four or more rapid responses within the last 14 days. For the purposes of this requirement, the rapid response count started at zero on October 23. The closure requirement applies to food and drink establishments, retail spaces, places of lodging, close-contact businesses as defined in the Oct. 22, 2020 public health order, and any other establishment that poses a significant public health risk as determined by the Department of Health.”

According to KFOX, The plant reported a total of six infections over a five-day period, which mandated a two-week closure. New Mexico officials say that the business can resume operations on November 17.

Sources: KFOX, New Mexico Environment Department