WASHINGTON – The American Meat Institute (AMI) on Monday said that the meat industry is working to change course in implementing mandatory Country-of-Origin Labeling (mCOOL).

The AMI said the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has revised implementation guidance to for mCOOL to Sept. 26, four days prior to the Sept. 30 deadline.

“The industry has been preparing diligently for implementation based upon the previous guidance provided by USDA since the interim final rule was published August 1,” said AMI President J. Patrick Boyle. He said the industry has held workshops, webinars, issued written guidance to members and developed a web site based upon previous information, but critically important parts of that advice is now incorrect as a result of USDA’s last minute changes.

Boyle reportedly said that the USDA had previously committed that it will engage in an education and outreach program for the first six months after implementation to assist the industry. “Given these last minute changes, the industry will need to make extensive changes to procurement, segregation and labeling, and will require additional time to ensure compliance,” Boyle said.


Source: American Meat Institute