Designed in accordance with the sanitary design guidelines of the American Meat Institute (AMI), Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA Inc.’s new sanitary X-ray system has been added to its popular and proven KD7400 Series.

The specially designed housing of this latest model is crevice-free, allowing for easier cleaning and the prevention of bacteria build-up during food manufacturing. The inclusion of solid shaft rollers for the conveyor belt, rather than hollow rollers, further contributes to the sanitary operation of the X-ray system.

“Bacteria hides in the crevices of any piece of [food manufacturing] equipment,” explained Erik Brainard, general manager of Buffalo Grove, Ill.-based Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA Inc. “To assist in the prevention of bacteria counts, we’ve taken Anritsu’s existing technology and put it in a sanitary X-ray package. Our newest models are still number one in terms of accuracy and ease of use, with the added benefit of a sanitary design.” This newest KD7400 Series X-Ray System model boasts the same 30-second, no-tool disassembly feature found in all Anritsu KD7400 Series X-Ray Systems. The interlocked conveyor guarding, rollers, drives and belt can be removed for cleaning and maintenance in less than 30 seconds.

All KD7400 Series X-Ray Systems have the ability to connect to Anritsu’s new QuiCCA quality data collection software package. QuiCCA links all Anritsu equipment in a facility to one main hub of operation for real-time review of production by management and quality control. KD7400 Series X-Ray Systems also offer new sophisticated contamination detection and mass measurement algorithms that further improve upon Anritsu's industry-leading contaminant detection capabilities as proved in head-to-head evaluations. The new algorithms enhance detection accuracy of low-density glass, stone and bone contaminants. Depending on the application, the KD7400 Series routinely detects 0.3 to 0.8 millimeter metal sphere contaminants, 0.2 by 2 millimeter long wire and 2 to 3 millimeter glass and stone, while the simultaneous mass measurement feature enables extremely accurate weighing and data tracking.

The design of this new X-ray system is IP69K-rated for high pressure, sanitary washdown environments. It is especially ideal for meat, cheese and vegetable food manufacturing applications.

The KD7400 Series X-Ray System has earned top ratings in tests conducted by the Danish Meat Association. Trusted and accepted by processors worldwide, more than 5,000 Anritsu X-ray systems have been installed to date.

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