Powder Delivery

Admix has introduced a new model in the Fastfeed line designed to double its inline powder delivery capabilities, offering controlled feed rates from 3 to 400 pounds per minute. The Fastfeed Powder Induction & Dispersion System provides consistent powder delivery even as viscosity and solids levels increase, insuring that the system will never plug or foul. It offers the benefits of an inline, skid-mounted dispersion system that feeds powders and disperses them instantly. Fastfeed allows further processors to add dry ingredients to mix vessels in a more ergonomic fashion and provides the shear required for ingredients, insuring maximum yield.

Admix Inc.: Phone (800) 466-2369 or visit www.admix.com

Floor Scrubber

Dosatron International has introduced a new Floor Scrubber Fill Station dispensing panel for the hygiene market. This new pre-plumbed panel includes a Dosatron chemical injector, all recommended fittings and tubing, and a gas nozzle attachment. The Floor Scrubber Fill Station panel helps save time, labor, and chemical costs by allowing plant cleaning staff to quickly and easily fill their ride-aboard floor scrubbers with correctly-diluted floor cleansing solution. Since the Dosatron operates using a volumetric proportioning principle, floor soap can be dispensed on-demand without changing the dilution rate and without waste.

Dosatron International Inc.: Phone (800) 523-8499 or visit www.dosatronusa.com


Ashworth’s Advantage belts have been tested and proven to have the greatest air-flow of all plastic spiral belts. Ashworth commissioned Intertek ETL Testing Services (ETL), to conduct comparative air-flow tests and quantify air pressure drop (air-flow resistance) of all commonly available plastic spiral belts. ETL’s testing proved that Advantage belts perform with up to 370 percent less pressure drop than the leading competitors’ plastic belts. The lower air pressure drop increases a spiral systems overall efficiency — more air-flow decreases dwell times which increasing production and less air resistance increases the efficiency of evaporator fans, lowering electric consumption.

Ashworth Bros Inc.: Phone (800) 682-4594 or visit www.ashworth.com

Wire Belt Co. offers Flat-Flex XT belting, providing added strength and support for longer belt life. XT belts are designed with unique “XT” spaces which increases the number of “z-bend” joints, allowing XT to handle heavier loads. Similar to all Flat-Flex style belts, XT offers lower belt mass than competitive style belts. Lower belt mass translates into lower power consumption, faster processing, and more product throughput.

Wire Belt Co.: Phone (603) 644-2500 or visit www.wirebelt.com

X-Ray System

Mettler-Toledo Safeline will showcase a PowerChekPlus x-ray inspection system at Pack Expo featuring NEMA 4X environmental protection, AMI sanitary specifications and Allen Bradley controls. Specifically designed for harsh wash down environments, it is ideal for the meat and dairy industries. With user-friendly touch-screen interface, the system allows operators to be quickly trained for maximum uptime. Using low energy, electronically-generated x-ray technology for optimal sensitivity, PowerChekPlus detects dense contaminants such as metal, stone, bone, and glass. The system can also measure product mass, monitor overfill and underfill, and find a damaged or incorrectly packaged product – even in metal foil.

Mettler-Toledo Safeline: (800) 447-4439 or visit www.mt.com/pi

Link Separating System

The Machwel stuffing, linking and separation system from Hitec Food Equipment offers advanced performance capabilities in a compact format. The Machwel produces natural casing sausages of equal length, weight and diameter at high speeds while enjoying perfect particle definition. A unique cutting / linking chain head cuts the fresh sausage as they are linked. The cutting is precise and occurs exactly in the center of the twist. The Machwel system can be attached to the Hitec Stuffwel high performance vacuum stuffer or other conventional stuffing systems.

Hitec Food Equipment Inc.: Phone (630) 521-9460 or visit www.hitec-usa.com


IQF Frost announces the launch of two new OctoFrost freezers, the Model 2/1 (two-one) and 1/1 (one-one). Both are based on the OctoFrost design philosophy – simple in design, advanced in function – and adapted to meet specific requirements for freezing of pizza toppings. The OctoFrost Model 2/1 and 1/1 are ideal for freezing of pizza toppings as they deliver a result where requirements on attractive appearance, product volume, complete separation, flexibility, food safety, space utilization and profitability are met and exceeded. They have a capacity of 500 to 1,100 kg/hour and 500 to 700 kg/hours.

IQF Frost: Phone 46-42-33-2260 or visit www.iqf.se

Lighting Technology

Orion Energy Systems has developed intelligent occupancy sensor technology designed to save energy while enhancing lamp and ballast longevity. Designed to easily integrate with existing fixtures, Orion is able to upgrade its install base and that of competitors with this new technology. Orion’s new intelligent occupancy sensors collect data regarding the presence of people who routinely move through a space during a 24-hour period. The sensors have the ability to adapt the lighting schedule based on this intelligence and to automatically adjust the settings of each fixture to stay on longer or turn off sooner to save even more energy.

Orion Energy Systems Inc.: (877) 204-7540 or visit www.oesx.com


American Cutting Edge’s proprietary Sub-Zero process increases blade life by up to 50% and prevents premature edge wear, assuring users of a clean, effective cut every time. The cryogenic metal treatment, developed through years of research and experimentation and tested by partner firms and independent laboratories, ice-hardens and tempers premium-grade 400 stainless steel to create a G5 skinner blade that delivers durability and blade life without increasing costs. Additionally, ACE continues to offer skinner blades of high carbon steel and stainless steel for end users who prefer traditionally produced products.

American Cutting Edge: (888) 252-3372 or visit www.americancuttingedge.com


Impactable dock doors from TKO Doors help to maintain food quality, lower maintenance costs and ensure efficient dock traffic. The doors feature a 4-inch thick, moisture-resistant, closed-cell foam core panel with damage resistant polymer interior facing providing high R-value and consistent temperature control, backed by a 1-year performance warranty. The full-height Impact-A-Track guide provides total protection against the most abusive impacts from top to bottom, backed by a 5-year impact warranty. Heavy-duty, retractable plungers allow door to release from the opening upon impact to avoid damage and downtime. The exclusive plunger design allows smoother operation and easier reset.

TKO Doors: (877) 408-6788, or visit www.tkodoors.com

Heat Transfer Fluid

Paratherm Corp. introduced Paratherm HR heat transfer fluid, which expands the high-temperature range for processing applications. It is an alkylated-aromatic-based heat transfer fluid formulated for closed-loop liquid-phase heating to 650°F in fired heaters and 675°F in waste-heat recovery and full convection heaters. With proper maintenance (an annual fluid analysis) the fluid has a lifespan of five to eight years and targets industry applications including waste-oil recovery and biodiesel production. Testing shows that, compared to its closest competitor, Paratherm HR Heat Transfer Fluid experiences half the amount of fluid degradation when maintained at 700°F, meaning less maintenance and longer fluid life.

Paratherm Corp.: (800) 222-3611 or visit www.paratherm.com


Wixon Inc. offers KCLean Salt, a salt reduction product that contains 50 percent less sodium than regular salt. KCLean Salt was developed by Wixon in response to a demand from consumers and food processors for a reduced-sodium product without sacrificing taste. Wixon combined sodium chloride with potassium chloride, but added unique proprietary ingredients, removing the bitter metallic aftertaste while delivering the salty taste consumers enjoy. KCLean Salt can replace regular salt in any application and is being marketed to food processors, meat companies, snack food companies, foodservice companies, and numerous others.

Wixon Inc.: (414) 769-3000 or visit www.wixon.com


The new Delta robot platform LDx from Sigpack Systems is made up of compact cells with integrated Delta robots which can be adapted easily and flexibly to suit a variety of applications. The stainless steel versions meet EU hygiene standards and consist of food compatible materials. The bearings in the arms are made of ceramic and are non-wearing, like other major drive components of the Delta robots. The exposed structure of the robot cells means that there are no enclosed spaces. Due to the smooth, angled surfaces the detergents can drain off residue free making the cells easy to clean.

Sigpack Systems, a Bosch Packaging Technology Company: +41 52 674 6654 or visit www.bosch.com

Dust Collection

Handling dust in high-temperature applications efficiently and safely can be accomplished with Insulated Dust Collection Cyclones by Airlanco. The company’s Insulated HE (High-Efficiency) Series Cyclones serve as primary receivers in dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems where conventional filter receivers might get plugged or overburdened by large airborne solids conveyed at extreme temperatures. Insulated units feature 3 inches of specialty insulation, plus an additional layer of steel. They can be custom built to meet the users’ needs. Various types of insulation, including mineral wool or fiber glass, can be used to suit the application.

Airlanco: (800) 500-9777 or visit www.airlanco.com


Alcan Packaging Food Americas offers seafood processors innovative alternatives to carton packaging. Providing significant consumer convenience benefits, including steam-in-bag capabilities, stand-up pouches (SUPs) from Alcan can enhance consumers’ brand experience on many fronts. For convenience, SUPs save space in home freezers, while resealability inhibits freezer burn and ensures fresher, longer-lasting product. Unlike paperboard cartons, which consumers routinely discard and replace with other storage containers, SUPs deliver a continuous branding experience. In the frozen foods aisle, stand-up packaging features a generous facing for high-impact, “billboarded” brand messaging.

Alcan Packaging Food Americas: (773) 399-8037 or visit www.alcanpackagingfood.com

Packaging Equipment

Automated pouch packaging for a full range of product sizes has been made more efficient than ever before with the new Multivac B310 belted vacuum chamber system. The B310 is the first belted system to offer a tilting lid to facilitate easier and more ergonomic cleaning, maintenance and height adjustments. The B310 is also engineered with innovative valves to increase performance, speed ventilation and reduce energy consumption. A lid height of 9.05 inches allows for packaging of many of the largest food products and quantities. Patented vacuum porting also lends to the machine’s efficiency and sanitation.

Multivac Inc: (800) 800-8552 or visit www.multivac.com

Label Applicator Stands

Label-Aire offers a comprehensive line of applicator stands. The complete line comes in a variety of configurations designed to meet specific label application needs. Available in T-, U-, H-, W-, Low-Boy, and H-Base Low-Boy configurations, all models are designed to support a variety of pressure-sensitive applicators/printer applicators and are built using tough 3 -inch by 4-inch steel tube construction. Furthermore, all models are covered with a high quality powder coat finish and feature locking casters. Food-grade casters, leveling feet, and stainless steel construction are available for all models. Low-Boy stand models feature a low clearance design with low clearance casters.

Label-Aire Inc.: (714) 449-5155 or visit www.label-aire.com/product_categories/5.cfm

Association News

The Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) announced the findings of the largest and most widely supported industry field test of RFID technology on reusable containers. The independent study concluded that RFID tags that are designed for single use could be used for multiple trips without any deterioration in performance if positioned correctly on reusable containers. The groundbreaking study, which included an extensive field trial that lasted over a year, was supported by a broad group of RPA members and industry leaders who collectively represent every facet of the supply chain.

“The compatibility of RFID technology with reusable containers brings substantial added benefits to the already proven economic and environmental advantages of reusable packaging systems,” stated Pat Kennedy, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for The Kennedy Group, and leader of the RPA project team that sponsored the independent evaluation.

George Watts, president of the National Chicken Council, has been honored with the Poultry Science Association’s Merial Distinguished Poultry Industry Career Award for his leadership spanning nearly four decades in which chicken became America’s favorite meat and the industry became an agribusiness power. “Over the past 37, years there has been no industry representative who has done more to make a positive difference for the betterment and benefit of the U.S. chicken industry than George Watts,” said Michael Roberts, president of the Food Products Business of Perdue Farms Inc. and chairman of the NCC, in nominating Watts for the award. “Throughout the highs and lows, George has maintained a steady, unwavering, confident management style that has preserved the strength and future of our poultry industry,” he said.

Supplier News

Bettcher Industries Inc. has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) under the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System standard. The certification covers new requirements established in November 2008 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) pertaining to the requirements for Quality Management Systems. Bettcher Industries is one of the first companies to be certified by LRQA under the new ISO 9001: 2008 standard. The certification applies to the company’s design, manufacture and service of machinery for the food processing industry, including trimmers, air-powered shears, cutting blades, sharpening equipment and automated batter breading machines. Bettcher Industries has been certified under ISO 9001 standards since 1997.

Harpak Inc. has announced that it is now a member of the Women’s Business National Council. For companies with established WBE purchasing policies, Harpak’s WBENC membership means meeting goals while collaborating with a qualified, experienced and successful company. Harpak Inc. is a supplier of primary and secondary packaging solutions by North America’s largest food, medical and industrial manufacturing facilities and is the exclusive North American distributor of G. Mondini primary packaging equipment, Cama secondary packaging equipment and Hooper thermoform/fill/seal equipment.

Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed and Mettler-Toledo Safeline have released a newsletter aimed specifically at the meat, poultry, and ready meals industries. The newsletter includes several case studies of installations of Hi-Speed checkweighers and Safeline metal detectors and x-ray inspection systems. It also contains informative discussions about product inspection solutions for these industries. Case studies include a Hi-Speed XS3 CombiChecker (checkweigher/metal detector) installation at a frozen foods facility, a Safeline x-ray inspection solution for a pork processor and Safeline metal detectors for a ready meals manufacturer. To obtain a free copy, contact sarrina.crowley@mt.com, or download the newsletter at www.mt.com/pi-mprm-news.

CMS has launched a new closeout and overstock inventory specials Web site, accessible from the CMS home page at www.cmsflavorseal.com. All of the closeout and overstock inventory specials are first-quality Flavorseal brand products including netting, bags, pouches, safety products, and more. Quantities are limited, and because of the reduced pricing, the inventory changes rapidly, so customers are encouraged to check back often and see what is new. Customers can shop online using a credit card, or they can speak to one of the knowledgeable sales representatives for further information.

The closeout Web site is linked to the new CMS shopping site specifically designed for the smaller processor: Flavorseal for the Home Processor. This site offers CMS products in case sizes and quantities more appropriate for the smaller operation.

The BAX® system from DuPont Qualicon has been certified by AOAC Research Institute as an Emergency Response Validation (ERV) method for detecting Salmonella in peanut butter. The method has been shown to detect even low levels of Salmonella, and it will be published in the Journal of AOAC International. The ERV program was introduced earlier this year by AOAC Research Institute, a subsidiary of AOAC International, to quickly respond to emerging food contamination crises. Blind coded samples were prepared by an independent laboratory, and candidate methods were tested against established reference methods. Successful methods were issued a Certificate of Validation from the ERV program.