Lohmann Animal Health International has formed a process improvement team to continually study production procedures and product quality.

Process Improvement Supervisor Mark Genaris and Process Improvement Specialists Tim Bishop and Keith Brockway work to improve the quality of poultry vaccines and the efficiency of vaccine production through research, documentation, experimentation and troubleshooting.

All three brought extensive analytical backgrounds with them to Lohmann Animal Health International. Bishop has served for 15 years as an analytical chemist, Brockway has 12 years of micro technology experience, and Genaris has been a biologist for 20 years and leads the group as Process Improvement Supervisor.

“With our process improvement team, we are seeking ways to improve our vaccine production,” Lohmann Animal Health International CEO Dave Zacek said. “We are working to refine areas of our production through research and development rather than solving issues on a case-by-case basis.”