Processing Equipment
Reading, PA–based KVP introduces its conveyor chain buyer’s kit to assist purchaser in selecting from its line of equipment, including the following: RAM plastic and steel flat top, snap-on, multi-flex, gripper and case; and conveyor chains including 40P and 60P flat top plastic roller styles. RAM chains are directly interchangeable and inter-connectable with chain products from other manufacturers and are designed for use in a wide range. Standard and customized chain inserts come in flexible elastomers or rigid plastics to economically solve chain-application problems involving inclines, declines, product grip or special product handling. The boxed “kit” includes a full line chain catalog, chain manufacturer cross-reference information, and new volume-based price list. Call KVP Customer Service at 800-445-7898 to order a free chain buyer’s kit, or visit the company’s Web site at
Urschel Laboratories Inc.
The latest development from Urschel Laboratories Inc. contributes to advances in water gun knife manufacturing by producing a higher quality knife with endless possibilities of head configurations. The process begins with a special formula of stainless steel. Techniques for improved flatness, straightness, and hardness while retaining ductility increase the overall life of the knives. Moreover knives achieve quality cuts even after multiple sharpening. Urschel also offers multi-slot and custom configuration heads with an optional hole in the slot of the knives for vine removal and/or a patented converging lead-in that lessens slot corner damage. — Urschel Laboratories Inc., phone (219) 464-4811, fax (219) 462-3879, e-mail, or visit
Formax Inc.
Combining its FX180® slicing and autoloading system with its new DS180™ depositing system allows Formax Inc. to bring pod-pack marketing potential to processors of thin-sliced and shaved meats. Long the package of choice for pudding and gelatin, pod packs are ideal for today’s meat-eating consumers thanks to their individual 2-ounce and 4-ounce container capability. Benefits include preserving the fresh, just-sliced flavor of the meat, longer refrigerated shelf life, portioned for smaller households, and reduced product waste. The company’s new Maxum700™ forming machine, featuring two mechanically independent servomotors to power its programmable mold plate and knock-out drive systems, improves the product consistency, speed, and food-safety properties of case-ready meat and poultry in family-size cartons. The system is ideal for forming precooked hamburgers, chicken patties, and sausage. — Formax® Inc., phone (708) 479-3500, fax (708) 479-3598, or visit
J.E. Grote Company
The firm’s 613-VS Multislicer is designed to handle a variety of slicing applications, including bulk slicing, stacking, and shingling into portions. Products include boneless/non-frozen meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits, and bread products that can be precisely sliced at production speeds between 60-90 strokes per minute, per lane. The 613-VS incorporates a portable, user-friendly design with all-stainless steel construction. Sloped surfaces and easily removable parts allow for thorough residue cleaning. —J.E. Grote Company, phone (888) 534-7683, fax (614) 322-1873, e-mail:, or visit
Factory Direct Outlet Inc.
(Packaging, Processing for the Food & Meat Machinery Inc.)
The firm plans to showcase its Unger System at the IFFA Exhibition in Germany during the May 15-20 event. Comprised of a grinder, separator, and vacuum mixer, the system is designed for sausage and other meat products. Separator tools work in the grinder by separating and removing sinews, gristle, bones and other hard material. The separator system, featuring an end hole plate sized at less than 2 mm, replaces the emulsifier. Other benefits include 30-percent increase in productivity and lower costs of plates and knives. — Factory Direct Outlet Inc., phone (905) 728-6434, fax (905) 728-4703, e-mail, or visit
Hub City Inc.
It’s line of stainless steel worm gear drives come in four sizes with 316 series stainless housings and shafts. Other benefits include machine surface-finished, sealed non-vented housing, HACCP compatibility, and BISSC certified. The drives also feature high-pressure dual lip seals for severe high pressure and chemical wash-down environments and are factory filled with USDA H1 lubricant for application service life. — Hub City Inc., phone (605) 225-0360, fax (605) 225-0567, e-mail, or visit
Wire Belt Company of America
The firm offers Solutions Audit™, a once-a-year service for enhancing preventive maintenance programs by helping maintenance, engineering, and sanitation crews better understand and prevent conveyor equipment breakdowns in production lines. The package includes a comprehensive inspection of each conveyor system regardless of belt brand and an assessment of current and potential problems, accompanied by dialogue with maintenance, engineering, and sanitation leadership teams. Comprehensive documentation describes problems with examples and outlined risks, and includes digital images. The program also includes two hours of classroom instruction for maintenance personnel with a wide-ranging tutorial covering all aspects of maintenance and installation of Wirebelt conveyor belting. A follow-up report provides recommended corrective actions, a suggested implementation schedule and a list of required parts. —Wire Belt Company of America, phone (800) 922-2637 or (603) 644-2500, fax (603) 644-3600, e-mail:, or visit
NuTec Manufacturing
The firm provides details about its 780 forming machine in a free laminated, 6-page, full color brochure — including photography, technical drawings, specifications. Designed for high-volume meat processors, the former can portion up to 10,000 pounds per hours with no product backflow, overworking, bridging, and is ideal for consistent shapes for beef, poultry, and pork. —NuTec Manufacturing, phone (815) 722-2800 for free copy of 780 Brochure, or visit
BOC Gases
Murray Hill, NJ-based BOC Gases’ aqueous ozone technology for controlling Listeria monocytogenes earned validation from Kansas State University (KSU) and acceptance by the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS).
BOC first submitted its proprietary technology to KSU for testing and validation. USDA reviewed the results delivered as evidence that the technology will reduce surface contamination of Listeria monocytogenes and reduce the risk of this pathogen in the RTE (ready-to-eat) products.
“While surface heat can be used to achieve the lethality required for surface Listeria monocytogenes contamination, it can result in undesirable changes in product quality and the capital investment costs can be restrictive,” reports James Marsden, regent’s distinguished professor at KSU. “This aqueous ozone technology is very effective in helping processors achieve the desired lethality at a lower cost and without negatively impacting the food product.”
A recent risk assessment conducted by FSIS and FDA ranks certain RTE meat and poultry products as having a very high potential for contamination, partly because the Listeria monocytogenes organism is capable of growing at refrigerated storage temperatures during the extended shelf life of such RTE products.
“Meat and poultry processors can incorporate antimicrobial ingredients such as salts of organic acids to control Listeria monocytogenes growth,” Marsden says. “However, with RTE products, it is also necessary to incorporate a lethality step in the production process that will reduce the levels of this pathogen and leave surviving cells injured.” — BOC Gases, phone (908) 464-8100 or (800) 742-4726, fax (908) 771-4726, or visit