Conveying Food Safety

Meeting customer demands while surpassing the norm keeps Wire Belt Company of America in a leadership position.
Wire Belt Company of America, Londonderry, NH, has maintained a reputation for developing conveyor and belting solutions to meet the automated processing needs of the meat and poultry industries. Its products are extensively used for processes such as breading, battering, frying, blanching, cooking, coating, dusting, and cooling, among others.
Wire Belt products include Classic Flat-Flex®, Flat-Flex XT®, Flat-Flex EL® Extended Life conveyor belting, Eye-Flex™ belting for heavy-duty applications, and the new C-Cure Edge™ belts and EZSplice™ system.  It also offers a line of specialty conveyors, such as the Flex-Turn®, with maximum product exposure and a stable surface for gentle product transport.
Wire Belt Company of America has invented and created more product improvements to the classic Flat-Flex belt than anyone else in the world, the company relays.  They introduced the first ‘compound’ or ‘aligned’ belts and own patents for most of their products.
In recent years, the company has responded to the increasing demand to strengthen food safety through product design. As a result, its stainless steel open mesh belts meet all hygiene requirements for meat and poultry processing by eliminating hiding places for bacteria and pathogens.  “The ability for effective cleaning of its belts helps the meat and poultry industries meet higher sanitation standards,” says Rick Spiak, Wire Belt Company of America vice president of sales and marketing.  All Flat-Flex belting line products have been awarded USDA equipment acceptance certificates for meeting all NSF/ANSI/3-A 2003 hygiene requirements for the design of mechanical belt conveyors used in meat and poultry processing.  
New products debut
Wire Belt recently introduced two revolutionary unique open mesh, stainless steel wire belting products C-Cure Edge and EZSplice.  The user-friendly C-Cure Edge belt increases safety in the production environment. C-Cure Edge’s closed-loop ends offer faster installation and repair time while continuously minimizing the risk of accidents caused by sharp open ends. C-Cure Edge belts require no changes or reconfigurations in drive components, shafting, or other parts on conveyor lines using Flat-Flex-style belts.
EZSplice strand installs in minutes, which makes joining or splicing your Flat-Flex belt up to 20 times faster.  It increases productivity by eliminating the lacing and weaving of wire across the width of the conveyor belt. “EZSplice makes the spliced area of the belt the most durable part of the conveyor belt circuit, resulting in longer belt life, lower belt repair, and lower replacement costs,” Spiak says.  The system includes an innovative conveyor belt splicing strand, profiling pliers, and simple belt-splicing instructions.  
“Each EZSplice strand is a pre-formed, custom-shaped wire strand designed explicitly to join a specific Flat-Flex belt together, ensuring joint strength and preventing premature wire belt breaks that can occur at weak splices or joints,” Spiak adds.
The patented C-Cure Edge and EZSplice are specially designed to increase safety in the production environment while increasing the strength of Wirebelt’s Flat-Flex wire belting.
Mission oriented
Meanwhile, the company’s mission continues moving forward.
“Our mission is to lead the conveying industry in our chosen markets,” Spiak says, “by delivering high-quality, cost-effective products and services that meet and exceed the expectations of our customer base.” NP
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