Focus on Packaging and Processing
Compiled by Bryan Salvage and Joshua Lipsky,
senior editors of The NATIONAL PROVISIONER
Just in case you were unable to attend PACK EXPO International 2004 and the Food Processing Machinery (FPM) EXPO, which were held simultaneously at Chicago’s McCormick Place in November, here are the highlights of some exhibits that were on display.

New vacuum packaging technology
Chicago-based Alkan Packaging introduces the new high-speed, multi-chamber I-Vac™ In-Line Vacuum Packaging Machine — the first new vacuum packaging technology for the meat and dairy industries in 30 years, the company relays. Its all stainless-steel construction allows for total wash-down to minimize the growth of pathogens. Servo-driven technology and computerized control and self-diagnostic capabilities add a level of precision and productivity never before available. Patented variable vacuum technology engages the vacuum only when needed, eliminating wear and tear on costly vacuum pumps and improving energy efficiency. A Poly Chain Kevlar® belt drive assures smoother, more accurate operation. And with line speeds of up to 45 pieces a minute, the I-Vac improves productivity and profitability.
Alcan Packaging —Food America, phone Frank Kitchel at (773) 399-8583, or e-mail

Central pressure washer system
ALTO’s central pressure washer system, Delta Booster, features a 21-gallon water tank and offers faster cleaning and efficient, effective solutions to the varied cleaning requirements often found in a single facility. Cleaning crews can work with as little as 300 psi, and as much as 2300 psi with 4 1/2 gallons per minute, or 9, and all simultaneously with the Delta Booster. The automatic operation of the system is controlled by using color-coded lances. With the single “snap” of a quick connect fitting, different lances provide different operators with the pressure and volume necessary for the cleaning task at hand. Additionally, maintenance and service personnel can view the system schematic display to monitor the performance of the system.
ALTO, phone (877) 366-2586.

New washdown protection
Boston Gear, Quincy, MA, introduces its new and improved Stainless Bost-Kleen™ (SBK) washdown protection. It has re-engineered its popular SBK treatment to bring customers added benefits including: ability to withstand the harsher chemicals and high pressure used in aggressive washdown applications; more durable finish to reduce the possibility of cracking during handling and installation; smoother finish, to reduce the possibility of crevices that Listeria bacterium can hide in; state-of-the-art automated production process enables the company to deliver SBK-treated gearboxes quickly; and available on all Boston Gear speed reducers. Independent laboratory tests confirm that the new SBK washdown coating system outlasts other gearbox manufacturers’ washdown coating systems, the company relays.
Boston Gear, phone (617) 328-3300, fax (617) 479-6238, or visit

Bone-in shrink bags
Absolute bone-in protection is the result of Curwood’s proprietary Continuous lamination technology in which super-tough, high-shrink, multi-layer coextrusions are laminated together to provide 100 percent protection from punctures. Crystal clear ABP bag laminations also contain the high-oxygen and moisture barriers necessary for maximum shelf life. Curwood’s ArmorX technology shields bone-in products with “Total Perimeter Protection” using less material to better showcase the product. Curwood ArmorX™ ABP®
Bags minimize purge and optimize product appearance. They also provide a visually appealing package for case ready products. Choose one or two-side protection and get total, puncture-resistant coverage exactly where needed. Bags are available plain, monogrammed, or printed. Up to 26 inches long with header for maximum machineability.
Curwood, phone (920) 303-7300, fax (920) 303-7306, or visit

Tabbed-chain conveyor
MSE’s Tabbed-Chain Conveyor features: patented “open-frame” construction, all stainless-steel square tubing on diamond rail for efficient and maximum cleaning, antimicrobial components to prevent contamination, and modular construction for future expansion and product changeover. In addition, MSE designs and manufactures innovative Modular Link Belt conveyors, as well as accumulation tables, scoop and bucket elevators, curved conveyors, state-of-the-art rejection systems, and solutions to processor’s custom equipment requirements. MSE’s proprietary “open-frame” construction, combined with stainless steel motors, reducers, and gearboxes is targeted to eliminate rust, oxidation, and, most importantly, hidden cavities where contamination grows. MSE’s conveyors can reduce sanitation labor by 30 percent or more, chemical use by 20 percent or more, and hot water requirements, wastewater generation, and noise levels up to 40 percent.
MSE, phone (813) 878-2250, or visit

New FormShrink technology
Multivac’s new FormShrink® system allows marketers of meat, poultry, cheese, and more to efficiently create a skin-tight package in virtually any shape and seal it for optimal shelf life. This advanced packaging is made possible with Multivac’s new R550 and R250 rollstock machines, both developed specifically for the FormShrink process. Using innovative films that shrink up to 40 percent, Multivac’s FormShrink system forms the bottom web to specifications. After the product is loaded, the top web is applied and sealed. The package is then shape cut and passed through a steam shrink tunnel, activating the unique properties of the film to render the final customized look.
Multivac Inc., phone (816) 891-0555, or fax (816) 891-0622.

New inflatable packaging
New literature is available from Lake Forest, IL-based Pactiv Corp. for its recently launched Pactiv 9000 Air-Paq® engineered inflatable packaging. This product line is durable, resilient, and efficient packaging solution available in two- and three-dimensional shapes. The patented design features a series of adjoining air tubes which are securely inflated to cushion and protect lightweight products during shipment. The tubes are connected via a series of patented one-way valves. If one chamber is punctured, the others remain inflated. This product is easy to use. First, the product is loaded onto a deflated package. The Air-Paq® is then inflated through an external valve.
Pactiv Corp., protective marketing department, phone (847) 482-8812 or toll-free at (877) 692-6163, or fax (847) 482-4529.

Forming machine 250
If you make products from meat or vegetable mixtures that can be formed — such as rissoles, beef burgers, or spiced mince fingers — trust VEMAG’s forming machine 250 from Robert Reiser & Co. Inc. and enjoy the benefits of a flexible production line. Vary the shape and size of your product using quick-change forming nozzles or settings on the portioning computer of the vacuum filler. Benefit from minimal rework and a high degree of utilization of the raw material in use. Other benefits include product size is easy to adapt by making weight corrections on the portioning computer, and the machine results in high product quality with good texture and natural bite.
Robert Reiser & Co. phone (781) 821-1290, or fax (781) 821-1316.

VisualMotion 10
Rexroth’s VisualMotion 10 allows OEM’s and end users to retain their initial programming investment, while a newly integrated, IEC 61131-3 compliant, multi-tasking PLC allows for combined motion and logic on a single hardware and software platform. Additionally, VisualMotion 10 provides the ability to connect up to 32 PPC controllers together, by means of cross-communication, to provide highly-synchronized motion control for up to 1280 axes. VisualMotion 10 can handle single-axis positioning, multi-axis Electronic Line Shafting (ELS) synchronization and robotic coordinated path movements. It is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the packaging industry with its ability to perform on-the-fly synchronization and on-the-fly changes between different products and materials on the machine.
Rexroth, phone (847) 645-3600, or visit

Turkey drumstick pouch
Robbie Manufacturing Inc., Lenexa, KS, has expanded its versatile Hot N Handy® Pouch for rotisserie chicken and other foods again. Its new pouch for turkey drumsticks features a patented design with angled seals that provide a fitted bottom to cradle the leg bone securely. This pouch can be sealed by folding over the flap and applying a scale label or Robbie’s PromoSeal®. This plastic pouch replaces paper and foil-lined bags that tear, don’t hold up to heat, and dry out the turkey drumsticks. Other benefits include printing to up to 10 colors for branding, selling copy, and instructions; anti-fog technology to keep the pouch crystal clear in the hit-display case, and more.
Robbie Manufacturing Inc., phone (800) 255-6328, or fax (913) 492-1543.

Rockwell solutions
With Rockwell Automation’s DODGE and Reliance brand products, processors can improve their food operation by: increasing equipment uptime, planning for process flexibility, eliminating wasteful maintenance, reducing inventory, and reducing energy consumption. Rockwell offers a full line of field-proven, power-matched, and energy-efficient equipment specifically designed for the food industry. These products include sever, moderate, or light-duty motors, gear reducers, variable speed drives, mounted bearings, and conveyor components. Plus, all are designed and engineered with features designed to help processors improve their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Rockwell’s Power Services group completes the company’s product offering with onsite startup, maintenance, and repair for any brand of motor or mechanical product.
Rockwell, phone (414) 212-5200, or visit

Metal detection systems
Safeline introduces a range of metal detection systems that meet the latest USDA requirements.  In addition, Safeline manufactures its metal detection systems to meet HACCP and FDA requirements and they are designed to exceed NEMA 4X/IP69K washdown specifications.  Available as options on all its field-proven conveyorized, gravity flow and pipeline metal detection systems, Safeline meets or exceeds the most stringent sanitary demands of dairy, meat and other food processing industries while supplying solutions that minimize metal contamination in packaged or loose products. With stainless steel construction and continuously welded sealed frames, these systems are designed to meet the requirements for sanitary product contact surfaces as well as exceed the criteria for a variety of additional sanitary standards.
Safeline, phone (813) 889-9500, or visit
New oxygen absorber
StayFresh™ oxygen absorber packets offer dry food-goods manufacturers (including meats) a new too to combat oxidation in packaged products. Introduced by Fairfield, NJ-based Vector Products, StayFresh prevents aerobic bacteria growth while extending shelf life in a full range of dry goods, from beef jerky to bakery goods.
AZCO Corp., phone (973) 439-1428, fax (973) 439-9411, or e-mail

High-performance equipment
Cozzini offers a high-performance line of food-processing equipment to meet the needs of your business. Emulsion/ reduction, grinding, mixing, pumping, material handling, and knife sharpening are just some of the systems the company offers to help accelerate your business growth., achieve efficiencies, and implement world-class solutions.
Cozzini Inc., phone (773) 478-9700, fax (773) 478-8689, e-mail, or visit

Antimicrobial container
B.A.G. Corp. and fabric maker BP introduces the antimicrobial Super Sack container. B.A.G. Corp. offers FIBCs (flexible intermediate bulk containers) constructed of polypropylene fabric containing a proprietary silver-based additive. This inorganic additive is FDA approved for indirect food contact and remains effective for multiple trips. The silver-based anti-microbial compound does not affect the packaged product's taste, odor, or appearance.
B.A.G. Corp., phone (214) 340-7060, or visit

High-speed bagging advantages
The CM300 offers the advantages of high-speed, continuous-motion bagging at a competitive price. Allen Bradley ControlLogix controls are standard and offer ease of operation and off-the-shelf components. The CM300 features: independent, dual-rotary sealing jaws that produce high speeds up to 200 bpm, a compact design providing a short film path for better Web-tracking, and more.
CMD, phone (920) 730-6888, or visit

Anti-counterfeiting technologies
DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers (P&IP) has reached agreement in principle with “identif” GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of German biotech company, november AG, to market identif authentication technologies for anti-counterfeiting. DuPont will serve as exclusive worldwide marketer of identif’s overt and covert authentication technologies, taking advantage of DuPont’s presence as a leading solutions supplier for the global packaging industry.
DuPont, phone (302) 992-6678, or e-mail

User-friendly metal detector
Eriez, Erie, PA, introduces the all-new, user-friendly E-Z Tec® DSP Metal Detector. Its state-of-the-art electronic design combines an easy-to-use 4-inch b y 5 inch (1/4 VGA) Touch Screen Interface along with advanced digital signal processing to provide detailed analysis and reporting for process applications including food, packaging, and more. It features the highest level of sensitivities available for dry, wet, and liquid product processing.
Eriez, phone 814) 835-5000 or (800) 345-4946, fax (814) 838-4960, e-mail, or visit

Attractive containers
Products can now be marketed in attractive, durable, and reusable/disposable containers from Fresh-Lock. Deep Dish (64-ounce) size is for club stores and institutional portions; Entrée (25 ounce) offers a broader, shallower tub; Regular (24 ounce) features a deeper tub,; and Snack (9.5 ounce) is for single servings and snacks on-the-go.
Presto Products Co., phone (800) 265-0750 or (920) 738-1344, fax (920) 738-1347, e-mail, or visit

Innovative patty system
Grote’s new Pump ‘n’ Slice system is ideal for producing food patties of virtually any shape profile, size, and thickness. It produces patties using forming pressures much lower than pressures typically used in conventional forming equipment. The result is a “looser” patty composition, which provides for better texture, taste, bite, and mouth-feel qualities.
Grote Co., phone (614) 868-8414, fax (614) 863-1647, e-mail, or visit

Harpak and Hooper Engineering
Harpak is teaming up with Hooper Engineering to bring form/fill seal packaging machines to the North American food processing industries. Hooper has been a supplier of firm/fill/seal equipment in North America since the early 1960s. Harpak has entrenched itself in the industrial and medical market segments; Hooper is recognized as a superior supplier to the meat and poultry industries.
Harpak, phone (508) 238-8884, or visit

New Checkweigher
The Beltweigh/S Combo Checkweigher features Hi-Speed’s new S Series Controller and Safeline Metal Detectors. The new S Series touch-screen control provides ease-of-operation and improves machine performance while superior accuracy is delivered at high production rates with the servo-driven Beltweigh/S product handling system. The Beltweigh/S is built rugged and is suited for a wide range of products.
Hi-Speed Checkweigher Co., phone (607) 257-6000, or visit

New gear drives
Hub City, Aberdeen, SD, now offers its new CleanLine UltraPlus Stainless Steel Helical Bevel Gear Drives. Two models are available, and ratios are from 6/1 to 140/1. Features include power ratings ranging from 3/4 to 12 hp, 316 stainless steel housings and shafts, surface finish is machined to Ra of 70 µ inches, and more.
Hub City, phone (605) 225-0360, fax (605) 225-0567, e-mail, or visit

Sorting solution
Key Technology’s G6 features an advanced, modular vision engine and an array of new, high-performance monochromatic, color, and VIS/IR cameras. Offering advanced image processing, the new G6 architecture provides solid migration paths. The new G6 platform features proven, high-performance connectivity standards such as Camera Link, FireWire and Ethernet that maximize the underlying technology’s flexibility. The open-source Linux Operating System offers inherent security.
Key Technology, phone (509) 529-2161, or visit

Employee hygiene equipment
Meritech Inc.’s new 500EZ complements its current line of CleanTech Automated Handwashing and sanitizing systems. It was developed for companies with space and budget restrictions. The ProTech Solution provides a fully automated and consistent cleansing, leaving employee hands and boots clean and sanitized at the same time. The Meritech Bootwasher — MBW2, now has a smaller footprint and is available with different vertical brush heights.
Meritech Handwashing Systems, phone (303) 790-4670 or (800) 932-7707, fax (303) 790-4859, or visit

New oxygen absorber
Multisorb Technologies’ FreshMax oxygen absorber improves the freshness and quality of packaged foods, prolongs shelf life, and retains food taste and color without being a food ingredient. This self-adhesive oxygen absorber is individually die cut and spooled to permit application with most pressure sensitive labelers. Labels are applied to the interior surface of almost any package.
Multisorb, phone (716) 824-8900, or visit

Bar-code printer
Nutec Systems’ LPVS (Label Print Verification System) integrates the Wolke m600 thermal inkjet printing system to print barcodes (RSS and Datamatrix) on a label transport system. The LPVS utilizes a Cognex vision system that has an integrated print quality-assessment function. Utilizing HP technology, a single ink cartridge will yield up to 190,000 codes.
Nutec Systems, phone (609) 912-0145, or visit

Efficient rotary chamber
Pack-Tech’s wash-down stainless steel rotary-chamber machine features a patent-pending sealing system that reduces rework to less than 1 percent. It can be quickly changed between straight to curved sealing and used with any thickness bag. Allows for processing up to 20-inch long by 18 inch-wide bags. Six chambers allow for packaging speeds up to 40 cycles per minute.
Pack-Tech, phone (816) 586-2500, or e-mail

On-line inspection system
PTI’s Seal-Scan on-line inspection system offers increased package integrity and real-time process control. The Seal-Scan is a seal-integrity inspection system for pouches that offers on-line QC and real-time process control, based on non-contact Airborne Ultra-sound. Available for off-line and on-line applications, it can be directly integrated into a sealing machine.
PTI, phone (800) 784-3899, or visit

New floor coating
PolySpec’s new TuffRez® 232AR Abrasion Resistant Polyurethane Coating lasts up to four times longer than standard epoxies, offering outstanding wear resistance and durability with a non-yellowing satin finish that maintains its color and sheen over time. Typical uses include finish coats over TuffRez® Flooring Systems, concrete floors, wood floors, and any area subjected to heavy steel-wheel traffic.
PolySpec LP, phone (281) 387-0033, fax (281) 397-6512, e-mail, or visit

Sanitary packaging machine
The RapidPak RP-55 has the most advanced sanitary design in the packaging industry. It has exceptionally high cycle rates through the use of Servo Motor Technology—allowing companies to replace to competitive machines with one RapidPak. This machine features mechanical simplicity with fewer moving parts, which reduces downtime, maintenance costs, and the need for trained expert personnel.
ALKAR-RapidPak Inc., phone (608) 592-3211, fax (608) 592-4039, or visit

New parts washer
The Sani*Matic SaniCab Parts Washer can be used for trays, pan, pots, buckets, totes, rack shelves, weigh buckets, bowls, utensils, baskets, and screens.  Features include 304 SS cabinet, hinged door, centrifugal pump, electric heater to maintain temperature, solids removal screen, hydraulic rotating spray arms, water level controls, and more.
Sani-Matic Inc., phone (608)222-2399 or (800) 356-3300, fax (608)222-5348, e-mail, or visit

Fluids and greases
Shell Lubricants is the consistent provider of integrated solutions for operational excellence and food safety in the food and beverage industry. Shell offers a full line of HSFH1 approved fluids and greases, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of general industrial products.
Shell Lubricants, phone 713) 546-4000, fax (713) 217-3370,e-mail, or visit

New packaging system
Sipromac’s TS-30 has been designed for small and medium sized food processors. This semi-automatic system allows processors to vacuum, gas, seal, and cut using a wide variety of trays in various shapes and sizes. The operator, during each cycle, is only required to load and unload the drawer of the machine. Ideal for smaller operations.
Sipromac, phone (716) 897-4309, or visit

Process-management services
Thinkage is a premier process management company with expertise in optimizing operations of food plants and food supply networks, using BOC’s proprietary Think Gates™ service.
Thinkage, phone (678) 514-3026, fax (678) 579-9096, e-mail, or visit

Tufco solutions
Tufco uses unique processes to combine resins and aggregates to withstand virtually any chemical or wear possible. And Tufco can prepare existing concrete floors so they will accept the Tufco flooring treatments with the best possible results. Regardless of traffic volume, chemical spillage, or machinery operations, a Tufco floor is guaranteed to last longer and look better.
Tufco, phone (479) 736-2201, or visit

RFID solution
Videojet® Technologies inc., (a Danaher company) introduces the Videojet FAST Tag™ Applicator, providing RFID tag application solutions to quickly and easily meet retailer mandates, including Wal-Mart® supplier specifications. The FAST Tag encodes and applies RFID tags utilizing a Videojet label applicator, an Accu-Sort RFID reader, and a patent-pending reject identification and recovery system.
Videojet Technologies Inc., phone (630) 860-7300, fax (630) 616-3623, or visit

Pump reliability
The reliability of Wright Pump’s WU2 series positive displacement circumferential piston-pumping principle has been proven over many decades. Its robust design and easy cleanability make it applicable for all sanitary fluids. The WU2 series are drop-in replacements for equivalent sized Waukesha Universal II pumps and ideally suited for processing sausage fillings, stews, and more.
Wright Pump, phone (262) 650-1925, or visit