Financial Security

Harris Nesbitt provides a safe solution for a company’s financial needs.
The management of a meat processor or packer has to face many challenges to keep the company successful. The right products, the necessary equipment, and satisfied customers are just a few of these challenges. The financial side of the business, however, brings a whole new list of demands. This is why using a reliable financial advisor can help to ease all monetary concerns.
For more than 70 years, Harris Nesbitt’s Food Group has helped clients remain competitive through tough economic cycles and shifting industry trends. “We’ve seen how global competition, consolidation and changing customer preferences affect your industry’s economics,” says Charles Adair, managing director, mergers & acquisitions. “And because we serve every industry sector, at every link of the food chain, we understand how seasonal purchasing cycles, capital-intensive operations, rapid changes in supply and demand, and other variables affect business operations.”
To help companies confront those challenges and respond to different market variables, Harris Nesbitt has aligned its own industry coverage with the food chain itself. “Our team of meat and poultry professionals — each with at least fifteen years of specialized experience — has an informed perspective on how current pricing, foreign exchange rates, consumer trends, and health scares can affect bottom line performance and what actions companies can take to minimize or capitalize on them,” says Carl Blackham, managing director, meat protein sector.
A company focused on meat and poultry processing benefits from proactive strategies that help manage price volatility. It also requires a solid capital structure to navigate fluctuating supply and demand caused by changing dietary preferences, international trade bans, and currency fluctuations.
Harris Nesbitt’s clients range from meat producers and processors to vertically-integrated chicken processors. As such, it maintains a broad base of industry connections that provide valuable insights into valuation cycles, pricing trends, acquisition opportunities, and best practices.
The firm’s experienced team of professionals is dedicated to helping meat and poultry companies fund operating expenses during weaker economic cycles and seize market opportunities during the upswings. Harris Nesbitt offers a full spectrum of integrated financing strategies that give needed capital to fund ongoing operations and invest in a company’s future. Harris Nesbitt also creates innovative hedging strategies that can protect a business from commodity, interest rate, and currency risks.
The M&A arena
Mergers and acquisitions can offer outstanding opportunities to maximize shareholder value, create liquidity, or enter new markets. Harris Nesbitt can guide a company through the universe of strategic alternatives — from identifying potential merger or acquisition targets to realigning a business’ capital structure. The firm’s investment banking professionals work with clients to anticipate issues and find the solution best suited to their ultimate goals. Harris Nesbitt is ready to respond with a full complement of services, including structuring, negotiation services, valuation, fairness opinions, and capital raising.
Harris Nesbitt combines the agility of an M&A boutique with the resources and industry connections of a large financial institution. The strength and depth of its capital markets platform bolsters the services it offers clients. With extensive experience in national and cross-border transactions, Harris Nesbitt’s investment bankers are well-qualified to deliver solutions to meet a company’s objectives.
“As experienced leaders to the meat and poultry sectors,” Blackham concludes, “we provide our clients with working capital, term credit, securitization, cash management services, currency, commodity and interest rate risk management strategies, and access to the high yield bond market. And when opportunities to acquire or divest assets emerge, we help companies navigate the complex M&A process.” NP
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