Processor News

Marcho Farms and SYSCO Corp. are offering a new process-verified veal program that will be sold exclusively through SYSCO as Butcher Block Reserve™ Veal. Producing the process-verified veal requires attention to quality and detail throughout the entire supply chain process. Wayne A. Marcho certified growers must meet the Marcho Farms standards of excellence regarding calf health and handling, feeding practices, special facility design, and record management. Specialized human-grade feed ingredients are also required within the program specifications. Additionally, SYSCO and USDA quality characteristics must be met for the USDA Grading Service to certify carcasses for the program.
“This innovative program is built upon the strength of our integration,” said Wayne Marcho, president. “The Butcher Block Reserve™ Veal product line exceeds expectations to which SYSCO’s customers have become accustomed. The program truly represents the concept of quality control from farm to fork.”