Yield System
With Gainco’s YieldPlus™ System for breast trimming and portioning, poultry processors can dramatically reduce labor requirements in breast-meat processing operations, while also achieving measurable improvements in portion-control consistency, product yields, throughput and quality. It brings together Gainco’s advanced product distribution and data collection systems with yield-improving and labor-saving technologies of Bettcher Industries’ AirShirz® air-powered scissors. Breast portions are automatically distributed for further processing into fillets, tenders or nuggets and tracked by individual operator station.
Gainco Inc., phone (770) 534-0703, or visit www.gainco.com
Conveyor Belt
Uni-chains has introduced the new Flex ONE belting, a pinless design, side-flexing plastic modular belt designed for strength and reliability. Snap Link™ modules simply snap together for easy maintenance and reliability. Designed for strength and reliability, the unique design of uni Flex ONE means that the load is distributed across the hinges, greatly increasing the strength compared to traditional side flexing belts. The belt’s design also allows for minimized spare-part stock and excellent cleanability.
Uni-chains Mfg. Inc., phone (610) 372-1800, or visit www.unichains.com
Shuttleworth’s patented ‘Slip Torque®’ technology features polished stainless-steel shafts individually powered by flexible belts on a line shaft or by a continuous chain. These stainless steel shafts are covered with segmented, loose-fit rollers, which become the conveyor surface. The weight of the product being conveyed combined with the coefficient of friction between the shafts and the inside diameter of the rollers provides the driving force. This creates very low backpressure accumulation and reduces product damage.
Shuttleworth Inc., phone (260) 356-8500, or visit www.shuttleworth.com
Cooking Bag
M&Q Packaging offers high-temperature oven cooking bags. Ovenable up to 400º F, this advanced nylon film bag offers fast, convenient cooking and easy clean-up, adding value to every product. Puncture and breakage resistant and available in multiple sizes, the bags have a high gas barrier to preserve freshness and are heat-sealable, eliminating metal clip seals.
M&Q Packaging, phone (800) 600-3068, or visit www.mqpackaging.com
Slicing System
Formax’s FXplus® Autoloading and Depositing System offers a complete “loaf to packaging” automated solution for processors focused on deli products. The fully programmable slicing system offers high performance and productivity required for thin-sliced and shaved products, with downstream technologies that enhance food safety and offer flexible product presentations. Superior yields are assured by an advanced dual or triple independent weighing and classifying system that interfaces with the product feed controls.
Formax Inc., phone (708) 479-3500, or visit www.formaxinc.com
Case Sealer
OK International is introducing its re-designed Supertaper 1A stainless-steel automatic case sealers, available with tape-sealing, hotmelt, or both. The machines provide enhanced operator-friendly features and higher reliability. The Supertaper is specifically designed for automatic packing lines with standard features such as a full-size Nema 4X electrical enclosure with Allen Bradley PLC controls, low-tape and no-tape signals with stack-light, a floating top taping head with completely open tape feed path for quick roll changes, and more.
OK International, phone (877) 654-2678, or visit www.okcorp.com
The Meyn Maestro ECP is available in three sizes to process small, mid-size and large birds, and it can work with other types of birds, including breeders, layers and guinea fowl. The 20- and 24-unit 6-inch Maestro ECP eviscerators were designed for low and high capacities, from 4,000 to 12,000 birds per hour. Because of its compact design, it is easily integrated into existing Meyn or competitor evisceration lines.
Meyn, phone (888) 881-6396, or visit www.meyn.net
Poly-Clip System Corp. offers the TSCA-N automatic sealing/clipping machine. It processes flat film from a roll into a ready-to-fill casing, which is securely closed by the integral clipper. All commonly used films, as well as laminates up to 65mm caliber can be processed as up to 130 cycles per minute. The automatic looper allows loops to be clipped on so that single sausages and chains can be hung.
Poly-Clip System Corp., phone (800) 872-2547, or visit www.polyclip.com
Rollstock Machine
Fully automatic Rollstock vacuum packaging machines offer simple reliability in low-cost machines. Available in a variety of web widths from 285 mm to 459 mm, all Rollstock machines feature programmable PLC controls with readable diagnostics and a vacuum leak check program. The chain system is guided and has an auto-tensioning system to reduce stretch and wear. Dies are manufactured from solid aluminum block and lifted by a triple knee lever system.
Rollstock Inc., phone (888) 314-2152, or visit www.rollstock.com
Mobile Device Software
With CSB System’s M-ERP, mobile devices can retrieve, edit and return data to a company’s business software. Mobile-ERP creates flexibility that allows a user to enter data right at the source. Making information accessible through the central ERP system eliminates double entries at the heart of a business transaction and gives companies a competitive edge.
CSB System International Inc., phone (619) 640-0436, or visit www.csb-system.com
Leeson is offering a new product line of permanent DC motors with all-stainless steel construction. They are specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of the food processing industry. They are ideal for clean-room and severe chemical processing applications involving frequent washdown with corrosive solutions. Nothing on the exterior of the motor is painted or coated in any way, and the full-fact nameplate is laser-etched on the frame, eliminating that contaminant trap.
Leeson Electric Corp., phone (262) 377-8810, or visit www.leeson.com
Packaging Film
Vector is offering free literature on its Fresh Wrap™ MAP lidding film for case-ready products. The film combines all of the critical characteristics required by the case-ready market. An excellent oxygen barrier keeps products looking fresh and maximizes shelf life. Exceptional clarity and anti-fog properties give more retail appeal to all types of meat products including beef, poultry or pork, and the film is also available custom printed, eliminating the need for costly labels.
Vector Packaging, phone (888) 227-4647, or visit www.vectorpackaging.com
Turkey Trimmers
Whizard® Series II trimmers from Bettcher Industries are a new tool for turkey tail removal. It uses a serrated circular blade to make a quick, efficient cut. Compared to the conventional method of turkey tail trimming using a straight knife, the Whizard® trimmer requires only a single cutting action instead of making multiple cuts, thereby turning a once-fatiguing operation into a fast, highly efficient one. Significant labor cost reductions are realized when using the trimmer.
Bettcher Industries, phone (440) 965-4422, or visit www.bettcher.com
Biofilm Removal
Birko now carries Sterilex® Heavy Duty Antimicrobial and Biofilm Removal products. Sterilex Ultra Kleen™ CW502 powder is effective for biofilm removal in drains, on floors and other hard-surface non food-contact surfaces. The products are EPA registered to kill Listeria, E. coli, Salmonella and other food pathogens, as well as mold, fungi and other spoilage organisms. The liquid and powdered products can be applied in a variety of ways including foaming, spraying, high-pressure washing or liquid soaking.
Birko Corp., phone (800) 525-0476, or visit www.birkocorp.com