Cooking Bag
M&Q Packaging offers high-temperature oven cooking bags. Ovenable up to 400 F, this advanced nylon film bag offers fast, convenient cooking and easy cleanup, adding value to every product. Puncture- and breakage-resistant and available in multiple sizes, the bags have a high gas barrier to preserve freshness and are heat-sealable, eliminating metal clip seals.
M&Q Packaging, phone (800) 600-3068, or visit

Dorner’s 7600 Series Curved Flat Belt Conveyor lends a hand when food manufacturers have to transfer small products effectively and continuously around curves. The belt features a 5/8-inch nosebar at both ends, allowing for the transfer of items as small as a penny. They also feature a durable and consistent pinch roller drive, located away from the belt to prevent the contamination of food and other conveyed products.
Dorner Mfg., phone (800) 397-8664, or visit

Toe Web Cutter
arvis Products Corp. has introduced a new, pneumatically operated TWC-4 Toe Web Cutter that completely removes web material from between the toes, including glands and hair, regardless of the hog carcass’ weight. Fast and lightweight with all stainless-steel blades and a one-piece clevis for better hygiene, the tool also has dual anti-tie down triggers for operator safety.
Jarvis Products Corp., phone (860) 347-7271, or visit

NuTEC’s 645 Food Forming Machine is a completely hydraulic, microprocessor-controlled, multi-outlet forming machine, combining accurate weight control, minimum leakage and quick changeovers with mobility. The machine’s portable design allows it to be easily transported to washdown departments or other areas in the plant. Built for versatility, the 745 can run beef, pork, poultry, fish, vegetables and cheese.
NuTEC MFG., phone (815) 722-2800, or visit

Poly-Clip offers several solutions for poultry packaging, from manual to fully automatic bagging systems. The PL 51 bagger and EZ 4220 series single-clip machine can package all types of poultry in bags, such as chickens, broilers and roasters. The automated PB 9000 Poultry Bagger allows one operator to process up to 20 birds per minute with or without a tag. The Uni-Netter is a fully automated finished netting machine for whole turkeys and breasts.
Poly-Clip System Corp., phone (800) 872-2547, or visit

Vector Packaging offers free literature on its line of impermeable casings. The most widely sold plastic casings in the world, Vector casings are used by meat, poultry and dairy processors to ensure predictable yields and precise diameter control. The literature covers all of the casings’ attributes with concise copy points.
Vector Packaging, phone (888) 227-4647, or visit

AirShirz® pneumatic scissors from Bettcher Industries increase worker productivity while reducing muscle fatigue in poultry wing-trimming operations. With their fixed bottom blade design, the scissors provide a clean, accurate cutting action, resulting in high-quality separation of the wing and the drumette. They require approximately 90 percent less muscle activity to operate and achieve up to 127 percent greater worker productivity compared to manual scissors.
Bettcher Industries, phone(440) 965-4422, or visit