Trief has announced the debut of its Divider 440 slicer. The slicer comes with a high degree of flexibility, as product changeover can be done with no mechanical conversion. The slicer can be used to produce shingled, stacked (up to 100 mm/ 3 9/10 inches), staggered or shaved products. The machine can also portion products for further handling. The Divider 440 is equipped with a touch screen with an intuitive operator-friendly menu. Online remote maintenance is possible.
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Metal Detector
Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Inc. introduces the new PowerPhasePLUS RB metal detector for inspection of bulk products. This new detector, with Safeline’s coil technology, has a wide aperture that is for bulk bags. It is designed to inspect any dry, wet, loose or packed bulk product. The system’s design allows for easy integration into bulk processing and packaging lines, and the user interface is very easy to operate through a robust, menu-driven membrane key panel. It also has an optional Ethernet adapter for network connectivity allowing for real-time data collection which can be integrated into leading factory management systems.
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The recently launched IQ3 variable frequency metal detector from Loma Systems, Inc. is offering a new model with an upgraded graphical user interface. The IQ3+ targets manufacturing environments in which the maximum amount of performance is needed with a minimum amount of user training. The IQ3+ also offers a solution for plants with a culturally-diverse workforce where multiple primary languages are spoken. The touch screen is driven by graphics and simplifies communication and operation issues. Packagers with multi-product requirements have a higher degree of metal detecting accuracy and flexibility.
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The new Computer Controlled Peeler was introduced by Weber at the Worldwide Food Expo in Chicago. The system is fully automatic and is capable of handling both meat and cheese. Separation between peeled and unpeeled product prevents contamination and results in greater levels of hygienic operation. Removed casings remain in unpeeled product zone. The touch screen controls change-overs for operator ease and greater throughput. Flexible design allows automatic log peeling of round products sized 2 to 6.5 inches in diameter. Square and D-shaped products can also be accommodated.
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Kemin Food Ingredients, Inc., has announced that it has developed a new product that helps maintain the natural freshness of processed meats and other products. FORTIUM® brand R10 Plus dry natural extract combines the benefits of rosemary extract and green tea extract. The blend of natural extracts is label friendly, cost effective, and has a low flavor profile. It was developed for use in processed meats, seasoning blends and other applications to help protect against color and flavor loss that can occur over time. Plans are underway to formulate different concentrations and liquid versions. In addition, Kemin technical experts will work with customers to develop custom formulations as needed.
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Machine Belt
Dorner’s AquaPruf 7600 Ultimate Conveyor Series comes with a positive-driven Mol Industries USDA-approved solid urethane belt for smooth, consistent operation in wet, humid environments. The system gives customers more options to operate their conveyors in wet environments because the positive-driven urethane belt will not stretch due to humid conditions, and has no bacteria-harboring hinges or pins. The 7600 platform is designed with solid stainless steel rounded cross-members to eliminate surfaces where bacteria can form. The system is driven by sprockets that eliminate belt slippage in moisture.
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Remote Reader
Hyster Company, in partnership with On-Board Communications, introduces the remote hour meter reading device. A tool for lift truck owners and operators, the remote hour meter has the ability to remotely acquire and automatically track lift truck run time. The remote hour meter is housed in a 3” x 5” box and links to a customizable digital paging network. The customizable network allows operators to select a specific time for the device to submit truck runtime data. Users can log into the network and check this information any computer.
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Zip-Pak has introduced the new ZIP-PAK® SLIDER™ for large format bags. The new slider enables a resealable closure on laminate and multi-wall paper bags. Currently the only slider system available for woven pouches, the ZIP-PAK® SLIDER™ for large format bags makes the addition of consumer-preferred resealable closures an option for a variety of package styles and applications. The technology is available for packages up to 55 pounds, providing the same consumer experience and seal integrity for any pouch size throughout each use.
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Label-Aire has introduced the Sleever Series Model 8500 Labeling System. The new system is a single-head shrink sleeve labeling system that can handle most tamper-evident, overall-, middle- and full-body sleeve applications. Designed for high-speed runs of up to 400 products per minute, the Model 8500 will handle all industry standard sleeve materials and a wide range of container shapes and sizes. The Model 8500 is designed to meticulous specifications including: Easy-to-operate PLC controls, stainless steel construction, high-speed operation, and stepper drive technology.
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Meatpacking plant managers can now use Dickson Compliance-Max™ calibrations combined with a Buddy System signup in the Dickson Calibration Club. Compliance-Max calibrations combined with a Calibration Club Buddy System designee affords a liability-proof means to demonstrate that instruments retain original operating specifications and that standard operating procedures ensure they do. Dickson Compliance-Max is the calibration method recommended for full USDA, FDA and HACCP compliance. Dickson’s Calibration Club is an automatic calibration reminder service for NIST-certified instruments of calibration schedules.
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Omron’s new ZFX machine vision sensor has been condensed to two pieces—a camera with intelligent lighting and a controller with built-in HMI. The ZFX programming environment uses a live color image for accuracy in setup and monitoring. The ZFX allows for integration of image data and position information with automation systems using onboard communication ports for RS-232C/RS-422, USB 2.0 and Ethernet; parallel I/O (12 inputs/22 outputs); onboard storage for 100 image data without slowing measurement speed; and a 2GB SD memory card port to expand data storage capacity. The controller for ZFX has a built-in 3.5-inch TFT color LCD touch screen.
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QC Industries has replaced its standard bearings with Lube-for-Life Bearings featuring a permanently applied Micro-Poly Lubricant. The bearings are sealed to prevent contamination from debris, significantly extending their life. The Micro-Poly Lubricant is comprised of polymers and oils. All QC Industries’ Lube-for-Life Bearings are approved by the USDA and FDA for H-1 food processing applications, where there may be incidental contact between food and the bearing. They contain corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants and an EP (extreme pressure) additive.
QC Industries, LLC,
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Structural Concepts’ Breeze™ refrigeration system for temperature-controlled bakery/deli/beverage display cases is now available as Breeze-E™ package. The package bundles all of the standard Breeze features along with Whisper Cool™, a noise-reducing technology, and NSF Type II certification. Both Breeze and Breeze-E have the same slide-out system that uses flexible synthetic hosing instead of copper tubing. Both systems feature a “smart” microprocessor that monitors case temperatures and adjusts the defrost cycle for better performance.
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Packaging System
Multisorb Technologies presents the FreshPax® CR system for low-oxygen modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). The system extends shelf life of case-ready meats to up to 30 days while preserving color. FreshPax CR allows meat producers to expand distribution networks and offer branded, display-ready products to retailers. The system is also suited to shrink-wrapped foam trays.
Multisorb Technologies,
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Vacuum Pouch
Flavorseal® non-shrink vacuum pouches from Carroll Manufacturing & Sales are stocked at a full 3 mils, but custom sizes and gauges from 2 to 8 mils are available. Laminated and coextruded pouches are also available. All pouches can be printed with logos and helpful consumer information such as cooking or storage instructions. No minimum order on stock items is required. Other options are color printing, high-barrier supermarket, boilable/zip-lock, and gold foil-backed pouches.
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