Just in time for barbeque season, Pat Boone All-American Meats announced the addition of American-Style Kobe Beef Hot Dogs and Gourmet Burgers to its product line up, along with a new collection of Pat's Signature Sampler Packs. The new products offer yet another delectable way for customers to enjoy a delicious meal with family and friends, while supporting Boone's mission to end world hunger.

"Nothing says summer like a hot dog bursting with flavor or a juicy hamburger hot off the grill," said Michael Genho, president of Pat Boone All-American Meats. "And, just like our premium steaks, these products are made with only the finest quality all-American beef for a taste that's unlike any other."

Made with a combination of American-Style Kobe beef and a precise blend of old-world seasonings and ingredients, the all-beef jumbo size hot dogs can be shipped frozen in packs of 12 or 24. Pat's Gourmet Burgers feature 1/2 pound patties of 100 percent all-American ground chuck and are available in packs of 8 or 16 patties.

To make it even easier for customers to get the variety they crave at a better value, Pat Boone All-American Meats now features a full line of Pat's Signature Sampler Packs that are sure to please everyone at your next gathering. The new sampler packs include

  • The Entertainer – four (6oz.) Filet Mignons and four (12oz.) New York Strips 
  • The Hollywood Star - four (6oz.) Filet Mignons and four (12oz.) Ribeyes 
  • The Patriot - four (6oz.) Filet Mignons and four (10oz.) Top Sirloins 
  • The All-American - eight (1/2 lb.) Gourmet Burgers, 12 Jumbo Dogs and four (8oz.) Top Sirloins
  • The Chart Topper - four (6oz.) Filet Mignons, four (12oz.) New York Strips, four (8oz.) Top Sirloins and two (18oz.) T-Bones. 


"The beauty of these new sampler packs is that you can't go wrong—there's sure to be something to suit everyone's taste at your next cookout, and they're also perfect for gift-giving," Genho said. "Perhaps the best part is that you can enjoy a great meal along with the satisfaction of knowing you've contributed to a very worthwhile cause to help Pat fight world hunger by simply making a purchase."

Source: Pat Boone All-American Meats