AgFeed Industries Inc., an international agribusiness with operations in the U.S. and China, announced organizational changes and acquisitions agreements in fulfillment of its previously announced entry to the harvest and processing segment of the pork business.

In connection with the ongoing transformation of the company, the Board of Directors today announced executive promotions and reassignments. In addition, the Board elected a new independent director. These organizational changes are intended to align the company's personnel with its continued transformation, allowing it to respond to the changing international operating environment and its strategy of operating at numerous points of the pork value/supply chain.

John A. Stadler, AgFeed's chairman & interim CEO, stated, "Our vision is to align global production resources to supply safe pork and pork products to the consumer through our branded pork processor customers. These executive changes and acquisition opportunities represent the natural progression of the strategic direction initiated during the spring of 2010, and first fully visible through the acquisition of M2P2, to develop an integrated, controlled, production system that would allow us to capture earnings throughout the international hog/pork production process."

The Board has appointed one of its current members, K. Ivan F. Gothner, as vice chairman to work along side Stadler in the ongoing transformation, development and growth of the company. In addition, Glenn McClelland, the current president & CEO of the Company's U.S.-based hog production business, M2P2, has been appointed chief operating officer, while Clay Marshall, the current CFO of M2P2, has been appointed chief financial officer.

"We are all on a mission," stated Gothner, "to establish AgFeed as the leader in supplying an expanding base of global customers with the highest quality pork while demonstrating leadership in food safety, production efficiency, sustainability and environmental stewardship."

In addition to these executive changes the Board appointed David Michael Johnson as a director. Johnson is currently the president and CEO of Cattlco LLC, which is among the 25 largest cattle feeding operations in the United States. Prior to that, Johnson held executive positions with privately held companies involved in natural resources, agribusinesses and real estate.

AgFeed also announced that it has entered into separate non-binding letters of intent to acquire Pine Ridge Farms LLC ("PRF") and Kansas City Sausage Co. LLC ("KCS"). It is expected that the combined businesses will add over $180 million of annualized revenue and over $13 million of EBITDA to the company's results.

These acquisitions represent AgFeed's entry into the harvest and processing segment of the pork business and will provide the base of human resources necessary to expand this business and develop this segment of its business as an adjunct to the western-style hog farms under development in China, the company stated. This processing capability is the necessary precursor to the company's global market strategy.

PRF located in Des Moines, Iowa is a leading specialty hog processing facility established in January 2004. It has processing capacity of over 3,000 animals per day.  PRF manufactures pre-rigor for sausage, fresh and frozen pork products, and private label products. To minimize the earnings volatility common to commodity businesses PRF has initiated a series of innovative projects and initiatives including processing pork hides, custom ham boning operations and butcher pork processing for a major pork production company. PRF currently exports products to China and other Pacific Rim countries.

KCS located in Kansas City, Kan., started operations in late 2009. KCS is a private label sausage company focused on its customer with the upmost confidence regarding food safety, cost effectiveness, price stability and market performance. With customers including major retailers and food service companies, KCS sells products domestically and also exports products to customers in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Rim.

Source: AgFeed Industries Inc.