Handtmann Inc. announced that continued growth in all territories has fueled plans for a new North American headquarters and technology center that will open in the Fall, the realignment of all territories, and the expansion of the field sales team with three new Territory Managers.  These moves are designed to aggressively support closer collaboration with clients who are now operating in more complex buying processes and making decisions that are being driven by the need for faster speeds, greater automation, and more integrated and complicated operational requirements.     

In announcing these strategic shifts, Tom Kittle, Handtmann Inc. president, says Handtmann’s recent innovations have spurred the company’s growth by delivering new levels of product control and resource utilization.  The very benefits, Kittle says, that many processors now need to profitably grow their business in today’s competitive environment and sluggish economy.  

“At Handtmann we are committed to ‘ideas for the future’”, Kittle says. “Our success is fueled by traditional Handtmann standards of design, manufacturing, and service excellence, and our team’s professional support of clients during their complicated capital equipment decision making processes.” The realignment of territories with staff expansion is designed to reduce travel, let long-time team members spend more time with customers, and support the quality of relationship that customers now need to make their most informed decisions.

Amy James, the new handtmann Southwest territory manager, is a seasoned food processing professional with 13 years of national packaging experience serving local, regional and Fortune 500 processors in that region. She has deep processing industry marketing knowledge and equipment sales experience. James also brings a practical operational background - handling equipment installations, managing engineering meetings, and maintaining ongoing collaborations with plant management and operational teams – that is so vital to maintaining operational relationships that deliver as much value as handtmann equipment.   

Mario Medina brings 20 years of food processing and packaging experience in the United States and Mexico to his role as Handtmann’s Southeast territory manager. Fluent in English and Spanish, Medina’s strong mechanical background and engineering skills combine to let him work efficiently with local and regional processors as well as large multinational operational teams. His clients appreciate the deep knowledge, operational flexibility, and added value he brings to their relationships. 

Roger Wakeman is the newest Handtmann territory manager and covers a portion of the Midwest area. He brings 13 years of diverse experience in meat, processing, packaging and capital equipment sales in the stuffing industry to his role. Wakeman’s detailed knowledge and experience are already providing clients with technical and operational perspectives that have proven useful in complex decision making processes for client teams seeking trouble-free high speed, automated processing lines. His marketing background, responsiveness to clients, and strategic approach support the highest level of technical quality and customer focus that Handtmann believes in.   

“Mario, Amy, and Roger have joined what we believe are already the most experienced and trusted professionals in the category - and client trust is everything,” Kittle concludes.