Tyson Backyard flavors lineThe new Backyard Flavors™ line of vacuum-packaged, pre-seasoned beef products features ready-to-cook beef sirloin tri-tips that offer a “just off the grill” taste for casual at-home dining in three flavor varieties:  Steakhouse, Peppercorn and Santa Maria Seasoning. The new line is being launched by Tyson Fresh Meats Inc., the beef and pork business unit of Tyson Foods. In addition to easy preparation and multiple flavor options, Backyard Flavors gives consumers the benefit of leakproof and clear packaging, which also includes basic cooking instructions and a cutting guide to give consumers the best eating experience possible. Backyard Flavors products are part of the company’s ibp Trusted Excellence® Specialty Cut Meats program, which specializes in creating beef and pork products to meet diverse customer needs.www.tysonfoods.com