John Bauer, president and CEO of Basic Food International, has been appointed to the U.S. Agricultural Advisory Committee, which resides under the direction of the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture in coordination with the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR).  Nominations for the U.S. Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee (APAC) were requested by the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) of the USDA on an industry-wide basis. 

Appointments are based on experience, background and expertise in the international food and agricultural industries, and are held for a four-year term as pursuant to the Federal Advisory Committee Act of 1974, in which Congress established a private sector advisory committee system to ensure that U.S. Trade Policy and Negotiation objectives adequately reflect U.S. commercial and economic interest. Bauer and other appointees will perform duties on a consultancy basis and advise the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and the U.S. Trade Representative on issues concerning Agriculture and Trade Policy.  The appointment requires access to classified information up to and including the Secret Level.

For over 34 years, Bauer has been president and CEO of Basic Food International Inc., a leading international merchant in seafood, poultry, and meats, located in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He is recognized as a top expert in this field and in 1994 was nominated as Florida International Person of the Year by the Florida Council of International Development.  Bauer also holds the highest civilian decorations of France, the Officer de l’ordre du Merit Agricole, and the Federal Republic of Germany, the Order of Merit from the German Federal Republic, as well as the position of Honorary Consul of Guatemala in Fort Lauderdale, a position he has held for over 30 years. 

Bauer says, “This appointment is certainly an honor for me and I will devote my energy and experience to fulfill its potential. This is the second time I have been called to serve our country with the first being to serve in World War II in the Military Intelligence Service of the U.S. Army.”


Source: Basic Food International