Sadler's Smokehouse Ltd. now offers its popular Tailgate Ready Beef Brisket with its new Sadler's Smoky Sweet BBQ Sauce packet in every package, for added value and convenience.

Nearly 50 million people tailgate annually, according to the American Tailgaters Association, and Tailgater Monthly says about 40 percent of them bring food pre-made at home or pick up prepared foods on the way to the stadium. Each Tailgate Ready Beef Brisket comes fully cooked and pre-sliced for ultimate convenience, and can be enjoyed cold or heated on the grill.

"Sadler's Signature BBQ sauce is gluten free, and a perfect accompaniment for our authentic, pit-smoked brisket," said Sadler's Executive VP of Marketing Greg Klein. "Together, they are a convenient, affordable and delicious part of any tailgating party or for a great meal at home any night of the week."

Tailgate Ready Beef Brisket, first introduced in 2010, is carefully selected, trimmed and seasoned, then pit-smoked for hours over hickory and other natural hard woods the same way Sadler's has prepared its meats for more than 60 years.

Source: Sadler’s Smokehouse Ltd.