Following a plan put in place in 2010, and citing the continued commitment to the educational and research mission embodied by the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources, President Marc Johnson of the University of Nevada, Reno announced he is initiating a national search for a permanent dean of the college.

“It was nearly two years ago that we announced the two-year appointment of an interim dean for CABNR, and the time has come to initiate a national search for this position,” Johnson said in a statement to colleagues. “Filling this leadership role signals a continued commitment to the educational and research mission embodied by this college. Every college must be responsive and appropriately scaled to the workforce and economic impact of the industries served.”

The college has been under the leadership of Interim Dean Ron Pardini since 2008, after Dean David Thawley had an accident in his home. When officially appointing Ron Pardini as interim dean in 2010, Johnson announced that he expected to begin the search in 2012 for the permanent dean’s position.

“In the case of CABNR, constituent input points to the opportunity to define a clearer vision for the college, evaluate and refresh the curriculum, and address today’s industry and issues. Filling this position is intended to set the college on a positive, stable course that builds on the strength of its faculty, quality of its students and passion of its constituents,” he said.

Provost Heather Hardy will be appointing a search committee for the position in the next few weeks.

“Ron Pardini’s service as interim dean has been appreciated and he will continue in this role as the search moves forward,” Johnson said.

Source: University of Nevada, Reno