The international group Adfood, formed by brand names: Roser (Hygiene & handling equipment), Ogalsa (Injectors), Cato (Machinery for Sausage Production) and RMT (turnkey projects, production lines, technological consultancy on projects & processing lines) has presented the following technological innovations at the last BTA exhibition in Barcelona:

CATO modular lines: for the manufacturing of sausages & minced products of great added value. These lines can be made up of high precision electronic stuffers as well as different complementary modules, such as: automatic sausage hanger; meatball, hamburger & croquette former; grinder & supplier of minced meat. These modules are independent, interchangeable, and can be controlled from the touch screen in the new Cato stuffers. They are “universal modules” too, so that they can be connected to other branch stuffers.

CATO brand has also presented its new “Innova Power Plus” grinder line, specialised in frozen meat treatment. These machines are very powerful, with independent feeding & mincing motors and inverters that allow adjustment of the production parameters depending on the type of product to be minced.

The presentation of the last Ogalsa brand injection technology for marinated products “MAS” Micro Injection Systems had a special favourable reception. This kind of technology is a step ahead in the “spray type” injection system, obtaining all the benefits of the high pressure even in fresh products & delicate meats such as poultry and chicken, increasing the precision of the process to up to 6 times, reducing to a minimum the drainage time and improving the efficiency of the brine retention to up to 60%.

ROSER has presented its new automatic transport & storage system for individual trays through 2D system lineal robots. This system has the latest technology in this sector and has been developed by ROSER together with German company Dia-Werke.

This intelligent storage system establishes tray location depending on product rotation, permanently optimizing storage distribution as well as efficiency in robot displacement, allowing a better use of the space in around 90% (in a traditional system, only a 65-70% would be reached). No person intervention is needed, thus reducing costs or any possibility of mistakes or contamination.

Adfood group has 4 productive centers and a distribution network covering more than 70 countries. It is one of the few manufacturers in the world that produce all equipment lines for meat process; its strategy is based in technological innovation & research, producing highly reliable equipment and machinery, directed to the needs of the producer and end users.

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