360 Online Support from CombiScale gives you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your equipment running and also eliminates the time delays and costs associated with site visits. All PrimoWeigher combination scales are equipped with bundled software that allows our service technicians to connect to your PrimoWeigher through the 360 Operating System.

Utilizing the latest in digital, technical support available on the market today, 360 Online Support uses name-brand software including Skype and LogMeIn. With wireless or landline connectivity, the system is secure requiring a pin code and the customer’s consent for our technicians to access your system.

With 360 Online Support, technicians are available immediately providing real-time support to you and eliminates delays related to dispatching of service technicians and travel time – a system that pays for itself the first time used. When running trials of new products, customers can use online support to draw on CombiScale’s expertise and years of experience from hundreds of systems in the field running a diverse range of products, where we can see what you see and even operate your scale.

CombiScale is a manufacturer of multi-head weighing solutions specializing in food related applications, hardware, and pharmaceuticals. Designed for service-ability and clean-ability, CombiScale also offers the PrimoWeigher – the world’s first open frame combination scale with remote control panel and handheld controller. For more information, visit us at www.combiscale.com or call 1.305.895.8909.