Hydrite, an integrated manufacturer and supplier of chemicals and related services, is launching a new AR (assisted-reality) program, RITE-Sight, to support customers and field service personnel, which leverages XpertEye, a solution developed by AMA.

RITE-Sight is a web-based remote collaboration solution, providing on-demand access to technical experts to improve troubleshooting and maintenance practices, in a safer and more efficient manner. This AR (Assisted Reality) conferencing solution is hardware agnostic, designed for wearable devices, and able to connect to multiple video sources (like a thermal camera or a microscope). RITE-Sight allows field technicians to share crucial information to and from the field, reducing downtime, travels, and costs. All data is transmitted using a secure connection with end-to-end encryption, and XpertEye’s “Confidential Mode” allows Hydrite to ensure that no sensitive customer data is put at risk during remote assistance calls.

“We are excited to add this program to our solutions portfolio. Our alliance with AMA provides us the technology to reach our customers and offer remote assistance, equipment setup and maintenance, and emergency support” said Jamison Vanden Einde, Director of Commercial Technology for Hydrite.

Mitch Fay, Technical Director for Hydrite, commented, “RITE-Sight aligns with the RITE-Team philosophy. With this technology, we can support our customers and lend our expertise in real-time. It is innovative technology we will use in various functions across our many industry segments.”

“Hydrite is a great example of a company who has taken obstacles of the past year and turned them into an advantage through technology.” says Joe O’Connor, Account Executive at AMA, “By leveraging this solution, Hydrite will now offer industry leading support to their customers, all while reducing their traditional overhead costs and ecological footprint.”

As a company with a strong commitment to quality and service, Hydrite continues to invest in people, technology, research, quality control, and training to offer products and systems that help to ensure food safety and enhance the quality of food supply through creative solutions.

To learn more, visit www.hydrite.com.