Hollymatic is introducing a brand new line of patty paper that will dramatically affect the amount of inventory that processors, as well as dealers, are required to stock. The paper is also being offered at pricing that is almost 40% lower than current patty paper!

This Universal Paper (UPaper) is a combination of hole and notched paper that has yielded some amazing benefits. Because Hollymatic can manufacture it at increased speeds with fewer changeovers and less downtime, the price is much lower than standard patty paper. By providing notches as well as holes on the same sheets, processors and dealers only have to stock one type of paper, cutting their inventory in half. Like all Hollymatic paper, UPaper is 100% FDA and USDA compliant. Hollymatic also uses a patented FDA approved paper packaging system that eliminates the need for non-FDA compliant strings or cardboard that are used by other paper manufacturers.

Hollymatic's new UPaper may be purchased through their Authorized Dealer Network. For more information, contact Hollymatic, 600 E. Plainfield Road, Countryside, IL 60525; (708) 579-3700; www.hollymatic.com; email: hollyinfo@hollymatic.com.