Beef Products, Inc., BPI Technology, Inc. and Freezing Machines, Inc. (collectively, “BPI”) will hold a press conference today to announce a major lawsuit regarding defamation of its beef product, lean finely textured beef. Dan Webb, chairman, Winston & Strawn LLP, and Craig Letch, director of food safety and quality assurance, BPI, will be speaking.

Earlier this year, a mass protest against the company's lean finely textured beef, dubbed “pink slime” by protestors and some in the media, led to the loss of numerous BPI customers. The product was used in the Federal School Lunch Program until the USDA gave in to public outcry and made it optional for school systems. Additionally, many retailers vowed to stop carrying any ground beef that included LFTB. As a result, BPI shuttered three of its processing plants and laid off hundreds of employees.

Source: BPI