International Paper launched its Brown Box, Green Globe campaign, promoting sustainable packaging. The sustainability campaign answers tough questions often asked about the environment. It also addresses several widespread myths on what is truly best from a sustainability standpoint.

“Brown Box, Green Globe materials help customers make the best choices for their packaging needs from a performance and sustainability perspective,” said Jay Royalty, IP’s vice president, commercial and national accounts, Container The Americas. “Choosing boxes helps keep our forestlands vibrant and growing, supports the use of carbon-neutral renewable energy and helps mitigate the effects of climate change.”

The sustainability campaign goes on to state that boxes are a natural choice for protecting products and the planet. Based on its commitment to sustainability and in support of the poultry industry, International Paper is showcasing the latest in its ClimaSeries wax alternatives at the International Poultry Expo being held Jan. 29-31 in Atlanta, Ga, Booth #6025.

The ClimaSeries family of products enables boxes to be recycled, using specially formulated papers, coatings and technologies for moisture barriers, rather than using petroleum-based wax. These innovative advancements help customers achieve success in sustainability and profitability by reducing landfill waste, reusing products to make new products and getting paid for recyclable material.

International Paper has been a pioneer of recyclable packaging since the late 1990s and continues to innovate and grow, adding new offerings to its wax alternative product line. Since 2001, IP has produced and sold more than 1 billion wax alternative boxes to be packed, shipped and recycled across the globe. The company provides 75 percent of the wax alternative boxes used by the poultry industry each year. 

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