Advantix headquartersAdvantix Systems, a leading manufacturer of energy efficient dehumidification and air conditioning systems, was joined by Mayor Michael J. Ryan of Sunrise, Fla., at a ribbon-cutting ceremony that marked the official opening of Advantix’s new headquarters and training facility located in the Sawgrass International Corporate Park in Sunrise.

With its expansion, Advantix’s headquarters has quadrupled in size with the new 40,000 square foot facility, which consolidates offices, a warehouse, testing facilities and a training center into one building. The new facility will allow the growing clean tech company to improve operations and allow it to meet the increasing demand for its energy efficient HVAC technology.

“Advantix Systems is an example of an innovative clean tech company that is creating jobs and drawing world-class talent to our region,” said Mayor Ryan. “Here in Sunrise, we are committed to supporting companies like Advantix which exemplify entrepreneurship, innovation and growth, and I'm excited to be here today to celebrate the opening of its new headquarters.”

Advantix will continue to create new jobs in the South Florida region. Just in the previous six months, the company hired 17 full-time employees. By the end of the year, Advantix expects to hire six more full-time employees. The company plans to add 15 more new positions in 2013 to support its rapid growth.

“We are proud to be part of the Sunrise business community and growing our business here in South Florida is a sign of strength for Advantix Systems as a whole,” said Hannah Choi Granade, president of Advantix Systems. “Our new facility will allow us to expand our business capabilities and introduce our clean tech innovation to more organizations and provide them with cost effective, energy efficient cooling solutions.”

Advantix’s groundbreaking technology uses a natural, non-toxic salt water solution called liquid desiccant that simultaneously cools air and removes moisture – a process that significantly cuts energy usage by eliminating the additional reheating step required by conventional air conditioning systems. The patented technology achieves an energy savings of 30 to 50 percent and costs less to operate and maintain. The salt water in the system also provides additional indoor air quality benefits because it acts as a natural biocide and scrubs cross-flow air, removing microorganisms, bacteria and unpleasant odors.

Since 2010, when Advantix Systems first opened its headquarters in North Miami Beach, the company has grown at a strong pace, benefitting from the increasing priority of sustainable business practices and the commitment being made by many companies to adopt energy efficiency improvements. 

Advantix’s clean tech innovation is making it possible for Fortune 500 corporations worldwide, including top customers P&G, GlaxoSmithKline and Hilton Hotels, to reduce energy consumption and improve its carbon footprint. In the Florida area, customers such as Marware Montessori Academy of Hollywood are using Advantix’s technology to create healthier, more comfortable environments – using less energy and with lower capital and maintenance costs.

“Since opening our doors for enrollment in January 2010, Marware Montessori has been focused on providing the best learning environment possible, and that includes the physical space in which our students study and grow,” said Mariana Serralde, Head of School at Marware Montessori Academy. “Since installing an Advantix Systems unit, we’ve experienced the positive benefits of being a truly green school, with lower absentee rates, greater productivity in students and staff, and a much more comfortable climate in our classrooms.”

Other customers in the region include Fiori Bruna Pasta in Hialeah, Duty Free Americas at Miami International Airport, CrossFit ATP Fitness Center at Dania Beach, Regents Park Nursing Home in Aventura and the iconic Rusty Pelican restaurant in Key Biscayne.