Handtmann HVF fillerThe high vacuum Handtmann HVF 658 volumetric filler with adjustable vane cell technology and Integrated Vacuum Management is redefining “premium quality” for the dry, cooked, summer and spreadable sausage categories by creating value differences customers can see.

The 12 vane HVF 658, designed for higher evacuation with even gentler product handling, is dramatically reducing smear in ways that communicate “artisan quality” to consumers. By virtually eliminating air, the HVF 658 also shortens drying times, increases shelf life and enables exact portion control with almost perfect cutting surfaces.

While all Handtmann High Vacuum models are known for precise servo control and powerful vacuum management that delivers legendary operational reliability and products with a premium look and texture, the HVF 658 is a premium dry salami specialist offering a unique combination of precise vacuum management, simple product flow and easy 12‐vane cell portioning. Combined with its unmatched high volume capacity and pore‐free quality, the HVF 658 generates exceptional added value for both dry and cooked sausage lines.

The Handtmann HVF 658 is also opening new product development opportunities by empowering R&D departments and sausage makers with the flexibility that infinite control over vacuum provides. For instance, the HVF enables evacuation below the 5‐6% level in cooked sausage, eliminating the traditional effects of air on color, taste, drying time and shelf‐life – all while creating a smooth cutting surface and texture that is more appealing to consumers.

Whether dry sausage makers are using the HVF 658 with Handtmann’s inline grinding technology or not, they are discovering the 658’s unique ability to completely extract air produces compact products with clear, pore‐free cutting surfaces and beautiful color. And since slicing firmness occurs earlier during the drying process and the HVF 658 shortens drying times, higher selling weights are the norm.

Besides obvious product quality improvements, sausage processors are finding that complete air extraction by the Handtmann’s high vacuum technology is dramatically lengthening shelf life and the elimination of diffused air in vacuum sealed containers is extending the integrity of the vacuum package.

The proof of Handtmann's advanced design and control innovations in the HVF 658 is most obvious in the premium quality the processed sausage, the increased dependability of line operations, and improved production and maintenance efficiency. So, the HVF 658 is delivering new industry standards for premium quality and efficiency on the line, in the drying room and packaging department, and in the package on the shelf.

For more information about the HVF 658 and other Handtmann products, technologies and services, or to schedule a demonstration for your team at the Handtmann Technology Center, please contact your Handtmann Territory Manager or your Handtmann office in the United States at 847.808.1100 or in Canada at 519.725.3666.