A Korean beef processing company is looking to expand to the U.S. and is considering building a facility in Scottsbluff, Neb. The city countil will hear an offer to purchase 43 acres of industrial land in the Immigrant Trails Subdivision during its next meeting, Scottsbluff City Manager Rick Kuckkahn said. The offer, at $10,000 an acre, comes from the Future Food Energy LLC, also known as F2E, and its General Manager Keith DeHaan, reports the Scottsbluff Star-Herald.

In a brief overview of the proposal, Kuckkahn said the company is hoping to build a beef processing plant that would be about one-third of the size of a Lexington plant and a plant in the Fort Morgan, Colo., area.

“We do need to consider this seriously because it could have a profound impact,” Kuckkahn said. He said that he will recommend on Monday that the council refer the proposal to the city’s LB 840 committee, citing its experience in economic development and staff. The company has not asked for LB 840 funds at this time.

“We do want to get some input from the committee before we sell the property,” he said. “Probably trumping the issue of price is the impact on the community. I don’t think there is a preconceived notion about whether or not this is a good or a bad thing on the city’s part, at this point.”

The company will also provide opportunities for the community to offer input. The company plans to host public meetings to allow the public to ask questions and to address any concerns.

Source: Scottsbluff Star-Herald