Nicaragua is internationally recognized as a global leader in premium beef sourcing, exporting more of its domestic beef production than any other country – more than 95%. Founded in 1962, Nuevo Carnic is the oldest and most respected Nicaraguan beef processor and exporter, providing a wide variety of beef products vacuum packed for restaurants and grocery markets. A USDA-certified company, Nuevo Carnic has established itself as a foundational pillar in the Nicaraguan beef industry with nearly 60 years of operation, providing high-quality products for 15 different countries.

Nuevo Carnic announced that it was expanding its presence in the U.S. marketplace, the single largest buyer of Nicaraguan beef products. The company has also become an important trailblazer in the organic fertilizer market, and serves as an inspiring model for sustainable agricultural practices with its integrated, fully independent state-of-the-art feed lots, wastewater management system, silvopastoral (SPS) reforestation initiatives, and deep commitment to sustainability and cattle traceability.

Nuevo Carnic: Environmental Policies That Make a Difference
"Cattle traceability is an extremely important issue here in the Nicaraguan beef industry," said Enrique Moncada. "In accordance with national law, all of our cattle farmers must certify that their livestock are maintained on their own lands in a responsible way, to keep Nicaraguan nature preserves and indigenous communities protected. Each head of cattle is also ear-tagged in a system that can trace the animals back to the farm that produced it. This is all part of an integrated SPS system that works because each rancher is intimately tied to the ranch that produces his livestock. The whole system – soil, water, trees, cattle, and the rancher – work together to assure that Nicaraguan beef is responsibly raised and ethically harvested for a sustainable beef market."

About Nuevo Carnic: Leaders In Quality
Nuevo Carnic sets the bar for how modern cattle farms conduct business, with an onsite wastewater treatment plant to drastically reduce soil and groundwater contamination, environmentally sustainable practices that include organic farming, continual reforestation, and a massive energy system that leverages 20% solar power to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Nuevo Carnic is rapidly becoming the gold standard for 21st century cattle farming. Learn more at:

Source: Nuevo Carnic