Lorentz Meats announced the completion of a 20,000-square-foot addition to their processing facility in Cannon Falls, MN. An Open House was held on June 15, allowing the community to walk through the entire plant, learn about the process and equipment and talk with employees from each department.

In 1968, Ed and Mary Lorentz purchased the locally-owned Bremer Brothers Meat Market, at 305 W. Cannon Street, Cannon Falls, MN. The business included the on-site slaughter and custom processing of locally grown livestock. Throughout the years, Ed and Mary added retail and sausage divisions and also catered. In July 1997, they sold Lorentz Meats and Deli to their two sons, Rob and Mike.

In 1999, Rob and Mike pursued construction of a new 10,000-square-foot custom processing and sausage manufacturing facility at the current Industrial Boulevard location. The USDA-inspected facility was completed in the fall of 2000. Over the next decade, Lorentz Meats strengthened relationships with their customers, acquiring audited qualifications for major retailers, organic processing and exporting. In December, 2011, Lorentz Meats partnered with The Organic Meat Company, under the brand of Organic Prairie, produced by the same farmer-owned co-op as Organic Valley. Lorentz currently employs 80 people, running two shifts Monday through Friday. The original plant processes approximately 40 beef or bison, 4,000 pounds of sausage and 15,000 pounds of specialty packaging daily.

Starting in 2011, customers began asking for more and Lorentz responded by building an addition that doubles fresh capacity, and triples cooked capacity. This addition, completed April 1, 2013, features large cooler and freezer spaces, expanded fresh production area and a completely separate production area, gowning room and break room for Lorentz’s cooked packaging division. The next project for the Lorentz plant is an updated and expanded slaughter floor and holding pen. Plans are underway with construction expected to begin in 2013.

Source: Lorentz Meats