Mepaco liftsMepaco, the food processing equipment group of Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation, continues to offer the highest sanitary design in ergonomic lifts with 2500 lb. to 4000 lb. capacity loads. With food processing companies pushing for more sanitation efficiencies from material handling equipment, Mepaco has responded with increased inventory on its sanitary design lifts.

“There is a real demand with this level of sanitary design for ergonomic lifts,” according to Tom Hoffmann, Director of Mepaco Sales and International Markets, “especially in the capacity range up to 4000 lbs.”

The EZ4000 Product /Pallet Lift <> is fabricated from stainless steel with a pickle passivated finish. The unit handles up to 4000 lb. loads and raises to any level up to 36 inches for ergonomic comfort. This model includes a self-contained power unit with up-down hand controls and optional turn table.

The EZL2500 Product /Pallet Lift <>, also fabricated from stainless steel and pickle passivated, has a load capacity of 2500 lbs. This height adjustable (up to 37”) unit offers a low-profile deck for floor level loading. A hydraulic power unit is included with safety up-down foot pedal control.

These lifts are designed for extreme sanitation conditions and are built to USDA requirements. Both the EZ4000 and EZL2500 are stock units and available for immediate delivery. Portable and rotary top units and other custom built lifts are also available.

Mepaco provides sanitary design equipment to demanding regulatory compliance industries. Food processing equipment products are cleanable to a microbiological level, accessible for inspection and maintenance and validated for industry cleaning and sanitizing protocols.