A new business venture called Full Circle Packing is proposing an $18 million project to construct a new facility in a Frankfurt, N.Y., business park. The proposed 40,500-square-foot plant would add up to 65 full-time jobs to the area, reports the Utica Observer Daily.

“The project would put more dollars in the pockets of dairy farmers and cattle dealers by saving transportation costs and the weight loss and death that sometimes occurs during a long truck ride,” said John Zielinski, associated with Full Circle Packing. “There is not a sizable processing facility in the entire state of New York.”

If constructed, the plant is expected to eventually process up to 1,000 dairy cows per week and 1,000 bob veal per week. Some of the livestock would be locally raised, with the rest coming from across New York, Ohio and the New England area. The company is seeking a $750,000 economic development grant from the Herkimer County Legislature as well as roughly $1.2 million in state assistance.

Zielinski said they’re currently negotiating bank financing and private equity.

“If we don’t get the economic development funding approved, the project would not be moving forward,” he said.

Source: Utica Observer Daily