The U.S. Meat Export Foundation has issued a guidance document listing Birko’s Beefxide (a blend of lactic acid, citric acid and potassium hydroxide) as an approved antimicrobial intervention product, based on recent discussions between the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service and the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

As the only company to offer an intervention portfolio including Beefxide, lactic and PAA, Birko is uniquely positioned to provide multi-hurdle interventions to processors wherever their export markets are located.

Each of the components of Beefxide can be found on the approved food additives list published by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. All materials used in its manufacture meet appropriate Food Chemical Codex standards and the finished product is tested and certified to meet all applicable FCC standards.

Beefxide is approved by the USDA for application to beef products in the U.S. It may be used without labeling, as a spray at concentrations up to 2.5% w/w on carcasses, heads and organs including unskinned livers (outer membrane intact), skinned livers (outer membrane removed), tongues and tails, primal cuts, sub-primal cuts, cuts and trimmings. Skinned livers must be drained one-to-two minutes after application and before packaging.

Other compounds included on the positive list include peracetic acid (PAA) blends such as Birkoside MP-2. These products are on a fast track approval process for use on beef products intended for export to Japan; but the Japanese MHLW has issued a release stating that beef products treated with PAA will be accepted until a final determination is made.

The Birko BLAST hypobromous acid generation system and the HB2 precursor is available to beef processors not exporting to Japan. Please contact Birko for more information on Beefxide or other interventions on products exported to Japan.

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