One year after breaking ground in Ostróda, Poland, OSI Food Solutions (an OSI Group company) celebrated the opening of its new state-of-the-art beef processing facility earlier this year, in September 2013. 

This new facility replaced an older leased establishment, and represents an investment of €27 million ($36 million) by the company. It includes a three-story, 6,000 square meter (64,600 ft²) processing and storage building and is situated on land purchased by OSI which measures approximately 11.5 hectares (27 acres). If needed, this could be the base for further investment and development.

OSI Group Ostroda Poland Beef Processing PlantThe building was designed with significant regard to sustainability, and incorporated a number of environmentally responsible and resource-efficient measures, including:

· Water-saving faucets
· Efficient indoor and outdoor LED lighting
· Renewable energy sources (photovoltaic, wind)
· Above-standard building insulation
· Chemical-free water treatment system
· Energy monitoring system

The construction also included use of a high percentage of recycled and regional materials, and the design incorporated a parking area for ride-share buses and bicycles.

The hamburgers produced at this plant are supplying quick-service restaurants in Eastern Europe, including Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Baltic States, as well as Sweden and Finland.

In addition to the Polish meat processing facility, OSI also owns an abattoir in Gora, Poland, operating within its Foodworks division, and staffs an office in Warsaw. The principal activities of these facilities are related to the primary and secondary processing of beef and beef products, although the company has the ability to expand to process other protein items as needed.

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