Timmpann Freezer SpacerCold storage warehouses no longer need costly expansions to increase their output, thanks to the T2 Spacer System, an innovative new spacer from Tippmann Companies. Both food manufacturers and third party refrigerated warehouses benefit from the new spacer system by reducing freeze times and having the assurance of a complete freeze.

The patent pending T2 Spacer System utilizes a “Single Axis” that aligns with the pattern airflow in all blast freezers and increases air velocity across and within pallets. With the increased airflow and structural support, the T2 Spacer System can provide up to 40% faster freeze times, with an average increased freeze time of 30%.

Faster freeze times provide more output and quicker product turns through blast freezers and reduced risk of product spoilage for food manufacturers. Unlike other spacers, the T2 structural design allows airflow to remain intact by eliminating case crushing, which often closes off air flow paths in other spacers. Designed to fit all standard blast freezing systems, the T2 makes it possible to increase freezing capacity through reduced freezer times instead of costly expansion or retrofitting.

The President of Tippmann Companies, Sam Tippmann, said “We believe the T2 Spacer System brings an unmatched solution to the marketplace, and will allow cold storage warehouses to increase their efficiency immediately. We are excited to introduce this product and begin offering it to this industry.”

Tippmann Companies is an award-winning member of the refrigeration construction industry. Tippmann’s innovative products and systems increases the efficiency of cold storage warehouses throughout the United States, and affects all levels of the business, from construction to freezer systems and pallet spacers.