The Louisville Metro Board of Zoning Adjustment has approved a request by JBS USA to expand its Butchertown pork packing plant. The company plans to expand its animal bleeding and stunning building and enclose its outdoor unloading area, reports the Louisville Courier-Journal.

After obtaining Monday’s approval to expand, JBS plant manager John Cliff said the board’s ruling was “a breakthrough for us” that will lead to reduced odors once the outdoor area is enclosed.

The Butchertown Neighborhood Association had objected, saying city planners should reject any requests from the plant at 1200 Story Ave. because it didn’t have a valid operating permit. The Board did place a cap on the number of hogs slaughtered at the plant at 10,500 per day, addressing the neighborhood’s concern that the expansion would lead to an increase in slaughtering. City code inspector will check record at the plant to verify the number of hogs slaughtered.

Another condition of the approval requires JBS to appear before the Board of Zoning Adjustment every six months to check its status regarding any notices of violation from the Metro Air Pollution Control District.

Neighborhood association attorney Jon Salomon said the association is pleased that the zoning board “has recognized the ongoing problems with the nuisance odors caused by” the plant.

Source: Louisville Courier-Journal