tunnel freezerTunnel Freezer
Praxair Inc. announced the introduction of its newest tunnel freezing system, the Praxair ColdFront Cryo-Saver Tunnel Freezer. The system employs advanced technologies developed by Praxair that expand the ability of processors to freeze more economically in the same footprint of a traditional cryogenic tunnel system. The Cryo-Saver Tunnel Freezer’s entrance and exit are uniquely positioned to decrease the infiltration of room air into the freezer, which can result in up to 15% savings in customer operating costs depending upon the production parameters. The freezer enclosure is also designed to meet new USDA sanitation standards and make clean-up quick and thorough.
Praxair Inc.: (800) 772-9247 or visit www.praxairfood.com


The Side Load Dumper from Mepaco is typically specified in applications where access is limited due to challenging floor layouts or overhead structures. The DP (pivot) and HD (high) dumper series have the option of loading both “in-line” or from the side.  The Side Load Dumper, which can be designed in a left or right-side configuration, delivers more layout and production flexibility with material handling challenges. A sanitary design with smooth welds, this Side Load Dumper is pickle passivated. The unit has a capacity of 3000 lbs., and accommodates all standard totes with an adjustable hold-down. It is powered by a 5 HP hydraulic power unit.
Mepaco: (920) 356-9900 or visit www.mepaco.net


Weiler offers a full range of vacuum and non-vacuum mixers to ensure the mixing versatility processors must have to handle any protein application, including beef, pork, mutton, poultry, veal, seafood and more. Weiler vacuum mixers are designed with the sausage and poultry industries in mind. Air evacuation is an important feature of a vacuum mixer as processors remove air from the product to eliminate voids and ensure a consistent product density every time. Effective vacuum can significantly decrease the load time and the amount of mix time needed for protein extraction, an important component for better flavor, water holding capacity and improved yields.
Weiler | Provisur Technologies: (708) 479-3500 or visit www.provisur.com


IQ metal detector awardMetal Detector
The popular IQ³ metal detector head from Loma Systems is now available with Atex21 certification, providing in-processing metal detection in areas where a potentially explosive atmosphere exists. Following a painstaking development programme and a rigorous testing procedure, Loma Systems has been awarded Atex21 compliance and is now available with the new detector head as a complete new system, or as a retrofit via the company’s network of OEM partners. The IQ³ metal detector uses award-winning variable frequency technology, which allows the operator to auto-select the correct frequency, and an ‘Automatic Product Learn’ system. This enables it to calibrate and retain the characteristics and settings for up to 100 product lines.
Loma Systems: (630) 681-2058 or visit www.loma.com


freezer spacerFreezer Spacer
Cold storage warehouses no longer need costly expansions to increase their output, thanks to the T2 Spacer System, an innovative new spacer from Tippmann Companies. Both food manufacturers and third party refrigerated warehouses benefit from the new spacer system by reducing freeze times and having the assurance of a complete freeze. The patent pending T2 Spacer System utilizes a “Single Axis” that aligns with the pattern airflow in all blast freezers and increases air velocity across and within pallets. With the increased airflow and structural support, the T2 Spacer System can provide up to 40% faster freeze times, with an average increased freeze time of 30%.
Tippmann Cos.: (260) 424-2222 or visit www.t2spacer.com


Ross Controls announces the latest addition to its family of industry-leading pneumatic controls, the M DM2 Series C double valve with an integrated soft start function. This modular valve unites the proven ROSS DM2 function with an innovative on-board soft start capability that allows gradual introduction of air to the system when the valve is energized. The valve can be adjusted to provide slower or faster buildup of system pressure, depending on the ideal setting for the application. This advanced design helps ensure safer start ups, reduces risk of machine damage and enhances uptime.
Ross Controls: (800) 438-7677 or visit www.rosscontrols.com


weighing terminal softwareWeighing Terminal Software
 Formulation variations can cause inconsistent product quality that can lead to bad batches and wasted materials. When manufacturers have greater control over their formulation processes, it saves money and enhances quality. A new software application for the IND890 weighing terminal from Mettler Toledo offers advanced formulation control for flexible use in industrial applications. The IND890 terminal offers ergonomic weighing with increased efficiency and flexibility, as well as features for easy operation. IND890form software for that terminal allows users to easily monitor and control vertical and horizontal batch campaigns. 
Mettler Toledo:  (800) 447-4439 or visit www.mt.com/IND890


Southern Pride BBQ Pits and Smokers has introduced the SRG-400 compact, gas-fired, wood burning, stationary rack smoker. It offers a 400lb capacity and fits through a standard 36² doorway and under a standard depth hood allowing it to be placed in most any existing location. The SRG-400 takes the guesswork out of smoking, easily adding smoked flavor to any menu. Stainless steel construction, single product door, two-speed convection fan system, seven nickel chrome flat racks, two inch insulated wall construction and removable rack slides are standard. The adjustable moisture infusion system and digital cook and hold controls provide perfect smoked foods.
Southern Pride: (800) 851-8180 or visit www.southern-pride.com


Conveyor Belt
Cambridge Engineered Solutions has begun sales of Duraflex Edge open metal conveyor belting for meat, poultry and food manufacturers. The clinched edge design has proven through rigorous testing to eliminate any potential for product contamination by preventing metal pieces from breaking off the belt’s edge. Duraflex Edge is ideal for use in the meat and poultry processing industry, especially for breading and frying stages. The patent-pending ‘EDGE’ technology bends with a true hinge in both directions, eliminating friction and metal fatigue and ensuring proper tracking. Duraflex Edge is self-cleaning, pushing food product residue out as the belt turns on the conveyor.
Cambridge Engineered Solutions: (877) 649-7492 or visit cambridge-es.com


injection systemInjection System
Ideal for ground meat, poultry or seafood, the patented ACCU-CHILL Bottom-Injection Chilling System from Linde LLC chills proteins from the bottom of mixers/blenders with cryogenic efficiency – and precision.  Temperature can be controlled within ±1.0º F, helping to ensure consistent product quality and repeatable mixing and forming operations. Injecting CO2 or nitrogen from the bottom of the mixer/blender as a liquid utilizes most of the refrigeration available so it is immediately available to the chilling process. The Linde food team can retrofit the ACCU-CHILL BI system to existing mixers, or design and install a customized chilling system when upgrading to new mixing or grinding equipment.
Linde LLC: 800-755-9277 or visit www.lindefood.com


Knife-rack cleaning systemKnife Rack Cleaning & Sterilization
Cleaning and sterilizing knife racks is an important process to ensure food safety. ITEC’s advanced equipment is designed to ensure knife racks are cleaned and sanitized with limited internal handling. Knife Racks are placed onto a conveyor, operating at a speed of 2.6 m/min. Rotating arms and jet nozzles spray high-pressure warm water mixed with cleaning chemicals to remove all particles. Having the capacity of 700 to 1400 racks per hour ensures meat and poultry processors have an efficient and productive cleaning process.
ITEC: (563) 582-4230 or visit www.carometecusa.com


Hollymatic, a leading food processing equipment manufacturer and originator of the first Mixer/Grinder, has continued to expand its line to now include 15 different grinders to suit varying needs. From restaurants and supermarkets to large industrial plants, the company has grinders with output rates that range from 375 lbs./hr. up to 9,900 lbs./hr. Most recent Hollymatic introductions include five different table top and floor model grinders that have cutting capacities from 375 lbs./hr. up to 1,984 lbs./hr. All five styles are made of 304 stainless steel for easy cleaning and maintenance. Each features quick and easy disassembly as well as heavy duty gear drive grinding systems.
Hollymatic Corp.: (708)579-3700 or visit www.hollymatic.com


Barrier Door
Frommelt Safety has updated its industry leading automated barrier door, the Guardian Defender, to protect employees from the movement of automated stretch-wrap machines as well as other automated machine movement zones. The new door has a patented interlock safety switch configuration and control system with the ability to lock the curtain in the down position.  The Guardian Defender’s high-speed, high-cycle automated door safely separates machine operators and manufacturing processes. As more and more suppliers incorporate automation and robots into the palletizing process, it becomes increasingly important to protect employees and pedestrians from coming into contact with the moving – and potentially dangerous – parts of those machines.
Frommelt Safety: (866) 852-1500 or visit www.frommeltsafety.com


rollstock packaging equipmentRollstock Packaging Equipment
Fully automatic Rollstock Vacuum Packaging Machines offer simple reliability in low cost machines.  Manufactured in Kansas City using inexpensive off-the-shelf North American parts, these packaging machines are readily available and provide reduced cost of ownership. Available in a variety of web widths from 285 mm to 459 mm, all Rollstock machines feature programmable PLC controls with readable diagnostics and a vacuum leak check program.  Larger cut-offs and web widths are available upon request. The chain system is guided and has an auto tensioning system to reduce stretch and wear. 
Rollstock Inc.: (800)954-6020 or visit www.rollstock.com


NuTEC’s C-Frame Depositors have improved the way many processors deposit fillings for stuffed sandwiches, multiple layered products, stuffed seafood, appetizers, and rolled or wrapped product.  These Portioning Depositors provide excellent portion weight control and clean, accurate filling placement down the line.  45,000 deposits per hour are attainable on certain models. The C-Frame design of NuTEC’s Portioning Depositors enables the equipment to fit right into existing production lines to deposit fillings for stuffed sandwiches, quesadillas, calzones, sandwich wraps, cordon bleu, burritos, egg rolls, hamburgers, meat pies, chicken kiev, and stuffed seafood shells. 
NuTEC Mfg.: (815)722-2800 or visit www.nutecmfg.com


Industrial Boot
Heartland Footwear has released its newest boot, the Ultimate Alloy Premium Boot. This latest boot is rugged, sturdy, and comfortable enough to meet the demands of the toughest jobs including meat and poultry processing, manufacturing, and oil rigs. In a field study conducted at a leading meat and poultry processor, more than 75% of participating employees ranked the Heartland’s boots as superior to their current boot, which included high marks in being longer lasting and comfortable. The Heartland Footwear Ultimate Alloy Premium boot weighs 10% less than any other heavy-duty boot and features a softer shaft, is cold-weather ready, and boasts excellent abrasion- and slip-resistance.
Heartland Footwear Inc.:  (870) 248-0501 or visit www.heartlandfootwearinc.com