Provisur SustainabilityProvisur Technologies Inc. has learned over its decades of global industry experience through the workings of its expert equipment designers and technicians that the first step to creating a better plant environment is designing machinery with the highest level of sustainability. Sustainable design truly impacts your cost of ownership.

For example, the Formax VerTex1000 Rotary Forming System combines the industry’s largest capacity with a revolutionary design, promising superior versatility, product texture, portion control and the very lowest cost of ownership. In every aspect of its design, the VerTex1000 is built for maximum uptime and lower ownership costs. The environment for the worker is his or her immediate five-foot circle around the machinery, and that’s where we start. In many cases sustainability features are at the back end, but at Provisur it begins at the front end.

One leading global processor wanted to replace its slide plate forming equipment at one of its processing plants with the most efficient, cost-effective technology available. This processor chose the Formax VerTex1000.

This processor reaped many sustainability advantages and benefits in utilizing the Formax VerTex1000. Regarding maintenance, the plant experienced lower costs due to less maintenance labor required to set up and maintain the unit, and fewer wear parts were required to operate which increased uptime. Sanitation costs were lowered due to decreased labor needed for cleaning, plus less chemicals and water usage were needed for cleaning. Wastewater costs also lowered due to decreased water treatment and sludge removal (less water is needed for system operation and sanitation)—and utility costs are less thanks to fewer amps and less water now needed to operate the unit. Lower costs were also accomplished due to increased yield, less leakage, fewer doubles and fewer partials. What’s more, a better human environment is fostered thanks to noise reduction.

“We are very pleased with the product quality. We have seen reduced raw-weight standard deviation; we have also experienced a reduction with misshapes, doubles and partials,” said one of the processor’s top production executives.

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