Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples criticized Chipotle’s decision to buy beef from Australia rather than domestically. The store said it made its decision as U.S. producers are unable to meet its needs.

“Chipotle hasn't called me, that’s for sure! I serve as the state’s agriculture commissioner, and my door is always open. Texas is home to the largest cattle herd in the nation, and our ranchers are always looking for new opportunities. Unfortunately, Chipotle says they want to import ‘responsibly raised’ beef by shipping it more than 8,000 miles from Australia, and in turn, increase their carbon emissions and costs. If the Chipotle CEO truly wants to be responsible, he should get together with me and Texas beef industry leaders so we can have a real discussion about ‘meating’ their needs. I encourage Chipotle diners to push Mr. Ells to work with us so they can enjoy fresh, healthy American beef." 

Commissioner Staples has written a letter to Mr. Ells extending an invitation to get together to discuss how Texas cattle producers can help supply Chipotle's needs. The letter stated, in part, “I am shocked by your recent decision to start serving meat that’s been shipped in from more than 8,000 miles away. I also was dismayed by your misguided and irresponsible declaration that this meat is somehow more ‘responsibly raised’ than meat produced by Texas ranchers.

“Texas is home to the nation’s largest cattle herd and nearly 249,000 farms and ranches that cover an astounding 130.2 million acres. We have a wide variety of producers and processors. It seems foolish to discount these immense, local resources when making decisions about where to source your beef,” he added.

The letter can be found here.

Source: Texas Agricultural Commission