JBT Corp. announced it has entered into an agency agreement with Infrabaker International, a leading supplier of infrared cooking technology with offices located at Heeze, The Netherlands. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The agency agreement will further enhance integrated food processing solutions from JBT FoodTech which include portioning, coating, cooking and freezing of meat, seafood and poultry products as well as treatment of selected baked goods, vegetables and ready meals. The technology from Infrabaker International adds an additional low-fat cooking technology to the JBT FoodTech portfolio, extending capability beyond the field-proven and proprietary Dry-Fry system from JBT FoodTech.

“Infrabaker International provides a proven and patented infrared cooking system that complements and extends our integrated cooking solutions,” said Ken Jones, general manager, Freezing and Cooking Systems – North America, JBT FoodTech. “Several of our key customers rely upon Infrabaker International ovens to achieve a low total cost of ownership for selected applications. We believe this agreement expands our ability to respond to our customers’ needs for cooking innovation and improved operating efficiencies.”

The agency agreement is effective immediately in the United States. The technology will be available for demonstration in the JBT FoodTech Food Processing and Technology Center (FPTC) in Sandusky, Ohio in early July. The JBT Technology Center has available full-scale spiral ovens and freezers, linear convection and impingement ovens and freezers, contact cooking systems as well as slicing, portioning, coating and frying systems.

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