The American Meat Science Association (AMSA) announced winners of the Southwestern Intercollegiate Meat Judging Contest which was held February 1st at the sponsoring Frontier Meats facility in Fort Worth, Texas.

Top Individuals, Senior Division: 1. Clay Bendele, Texas Tech University; 2. BW Ochsner, University of Wyoming; 3. Erin Beyer, Texas Tech University; 4. Mckayla Clayton, Colorado State University; 5. Macy Perry, Oklahoma State University; 6. Connor King, Texas A&M University; 7. Darby Gonzales, Texas Tech University; 8. McKenna Brinton, University of Wyoming; 9. Chandler Steele, Oklahoma State University; 10. Sean Morrow, Texas Tech University.

Top 5 Teams, Senior Division: 1. Texas Tech University; 2. Colorado State University; 3. University of Wyoming; 4. Oklahoma State University; 5. Texas A&M University.

In total, 98 contestants representing 12 teams participated in the senior division contest.

Top Individuals, A-Division: 1. Kaylee Hill, Fort Scott Community College; 2. Talen Crist, Clarendon College; 3. Mario Olivio, Clarendon College; 4. Cassie Kerckhove, Garden City Community College; 5. Ben Walker, Fort Scott Community College; 6. Dustin Jones, Clarendon College; 7. Derek Lightner, Garden City Community College; 8. Clara Collison, Australian National; 9. Chip DeWitt, Garden City Community College; 10. Ty Wood, Fort Scott Community College.

Top 5 Teams, A-Division: 1. Clarendon College; 2. Garden City Community College; 3. Fort Scott Community College; 4. Australian National; 5. Cisco College.

In total, 42 contestants from 7 different universities and colleges participated in the A-Division contest.

This year's official committee consisted of: Dr. Gary Smith, Chair, Texas A&M University; Dr. Travis O'Quinn, Kansas State University; Crystal Waters, Texas A&M University; Kassie Jo Winn, CEV Multimedia; Aaron Tapian, Kansas State University; Collin Corbin, Tyson Foods; and Darrell Dowd, USDA.

Source: AMSA