Praxair, Inc. today announced that its newest tunnel freezing system, the Praxair ColdFront cryo-saver tunnel freezer, was featured to visitors during Seafood Processing North America.

The Praxair ColdFront cryo-saver tunnel freezer employs field-proven technology to allow processors to lower production costs up to 15 percent by freezing more economically in the same footprint as a traditional cryogenic tunnel system. Direct cryogenic freezing of seafood delivers rapid cooling resulting in better flavor, texture and moisture retention. The cryo-saver tunnel freezer is also designed to help customers meet USDA sanitation standards for thorough clean-up.

“The cryo-saver tunnel freezer is our latest improvement in freezer design and efficiency. Our full line of ColdFront freezers features new design enhancements that provide the flexibility our customers need to address ever-changing production requirements,” said Joey Daniel, director, commercial development for Praxair. “With the cryo-saver tunnel and every ColdFront freezer, Praxair offers production capacity, cryogen efficiency, space utilization and system flexibility while also delivering the reliability upon which our customers have come to depend.”

 Praxair has offered advanced cryogenic gases and freezing systems to the food industry for more than 40 years. For more information, go to