Loftware, Inc., the global leader in Enterprise Labeling Solutions, today announced additional enhancements to their revolutionary 100% browser based, all-in-one Enterprise Labeling Solution, releasing Loftware Spectrum 2.5.3. This release adds to Spectrum’s unmatched label design capability, intelligent on-demand printing and innovative architecture.

Powerful new features include a new Text Box field, which allows label designers to dynamically size fonts to a fixed area as well as configure a wide variety of text formatting options, increasing control and functionality to further streamline the design process, while reducing the number of label permutations needed. Also, Label and Object Thumbnails can speed the print process and reduce the occurrence of mislabeling by providing verification of labels.  This feature allows a visual aide, displaying a complete image of the label, either full size or thumbnail, during the on-demand print process.

This release also introduces ZPL II Font Support and Detailed Device Status, which allows companies to optimize speed and network efficiency by communicating with Zebra printers in their native language. Further improving overall print performance, users can access Device Management or utilize Business Rules to retrieve detailed information from Zebra printers including status, configuration, and other firmware details to make decisions regarding print jobs based on the status of a printer.

 “Loftware works to continually identify new and innovative ways to further Spectrum’s position as the unmatched next generation Enterprise Labeling Solution in the market,” stated, Loftware Director of Product Management Scott Johnson. “Adding to the unrivaled integration and flexibility, Spectrum 2.5.3 also provides advanced configuration and design capabilities offering unrivaled functionality and a seamless user experience,” he added.

Other features include Variable Tags and Reporting Schema. As an additional enhancement to document tags, Variable Tags offers even greater configuration and control of the printing process, allowing users to dynamically add tags containing unique information to a label via Business Rules without having to know the values ahead of time. Additionally, the new Reporting Schema offers access to Spectrum data that can be used to retrieve configuration and status details about objects in Spectrum, allowing users to create custom reports that are future-proofed to work with successive Spectrum releases.

 To find out more about how customers have realized significant benefits, take a look at the Hypertherm case study and discover how Loftware Spectrum helped this customer greatly improve uptime to realize millions in savings. You also can view the webinar “Loftware Spectrum: The Future of Enterprise Labeling is Now” to hear firsthand from Hypertherm about how Spectrum helped them reduce downtime and errors in mislabeling, simplify maintenance and support suppliers.